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Save yourself, be good to other people.

I’m not really sure how to start off this story, so here it is. I’m not going to reveal my name for safety reasons, not that it will matter for much longer. For the sake of it, you can call me David. I work at my father’s business, which makes sex toys. Embarrassing detail, but as I said it won’t matter for long. Anyways, the business makes a ton of money per year, I’m talking billions. You might be thinking I’m in a great spot, and you’d be wrong. I work in customer support. The bottom, to be specific.
Originally, I was going to take over the company when I turned 21, which was a little over three years ago. So how did I end up in customer support? Well, for my 21st birthday, I went partying with some friends. We hit clubs, bars, casinos, strip clubs, you name it. I woke up in a cell the next day, to a look of disappointment from my father. Me and my friends got shitfaced at a bar, then went to the nearest casino. I blew through over $600,000 and tried to bail on the payment. I, drunkenly, drove through a building.
Long story short, I’m sitting on a little over $1,000,000 in debt. I also contracted chlamydia from a stripper, and my fiance left me when she found out. My father decided that I wasn’t responsible enough to take over his business, and needed a real job. He offered me customer support in his company, and I took it. I had no other options, I couldn’t leave town, and nobody would hire me. But not writing this for sympathy, I’m writing this as a warning.
Now I’m sure many of you have heard of the dark web, probably heard a number of horror stories about it too. Well, here’s another one for you, but take this one seriously. There is a source on the dark web, which I will not name, that is something like a hitman. It is a little difficult to put how it works into words, but it’s an important detail.
You put a warning hit on someone, along with a reason and how much you will pay, and wait for a hitman to take the case. Once one does, you talk with the hitman about a timeframe, what you want from them, and how their death should look should they not agree to your terms. The hitman then tells the person there is a hit on them, and how they can keep themselves alive. If the person tries to flee or does not meet the terms before the deadline, the hitman kills them. If the hit is carried out, the hitman keeps 100% of your payment. If the person agrees to the terms, the hitman takes 10% of what you paid him.
An example for a little more clarity: your daughter is raped by person A, and despite the evidence person A is not punished. You put a warning hit on person A. Your case would sum up to “person A raped my daughter, I will pay $10,000.” A hitman takes your case and you tell them “person A has three months to pay $250,000 and if he does not, make his death look like an accident.” The hitman collects your pay and tells person A about the warning hit, and the terms. If person A meets the terms, he is off the hook, and the hitman returns 90% of your payment. If he does not meet the terms, flees, goes to police, etc. then he dies in an accident and the hitman keeps your payment.
I hope that made sense to you. Now I’m sure you are poking holes or have questions already. A little more info I can give you is: you choose what to offer the hitman and he/she will accept or decline, there is no set payment but higher status people cost more, death and terms can be almost anything you want, most of the hitmen will not do more than a one year timeline, nobody has ever been caught. Now what I’m sure you are wondering (or probably already figured out), why does this matter? Well, let’s get to that.
About a month ago I was at work answering calls from dissatisfied customers, who decided to take out their anger on me. I was five minutes from lunch when I got another call, and my supervisor made me answer it. I wasn’t in the best mood, and didn’t want to get an earful of profanity from a customer, but that’s exactly what I got. He was screaming about how he spent close to $300 and hadn’t gotten his stuff after a month, and was giving me demands between his insults. I spent most of my lunch break trying to talk with the guy, to no avail. In hindsight this was the wrong decision, but I snapped.
I was screaming back at the guy, telling him I didn’t care if his middle aged overweight ass didn’t get his sex doll, along with a number of other insults. Again I know I made the wrong choice, but I had been dealing with this daily for years, and I’d had enough. I slammed the phone down and stormed out. My father called me later that day, telling me I’ll need another job. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t end there.
I didn’t know this at the time, but the guy I was talking to knew a ton about technology, and spent a lot of time on the dark web. Not only did he trace the call, but he hacked into the company computer system, and found every piece of information there was about me. To top it all off, none of the security programs in place picked up anything. So how do I know this? The next day I woke up to a pounding on my door. When I answered it, the only thing I found was an envelope. Inside it was a letter (some details changed) which read:
Dear Mr. David,
I am a hitman of “Generic Hitman Agency”, and you don’t want to meet me. The reason you are reading this is because a warning hit has been placed on you by my client, Mr. Client. If you do not meet his terms, we will meet. If we meet, it is game over for you. You must be wondering what the terms are.
My client purchased some products from the company you formerly worked at. After a month of waiting, my client has not received the products. He called to inquire about them, but only received your insults as an answer. He traced the call to you specifically, and put this hit on you. The terms he has set up for you are as follows: “I want the products I paid for, as well as $10,000 in compensation for the wait and your attitude”. You have 30 days to meet my clients terms.
If you meet the terms, you are safe. If you fail to meet the terms, you will die. If you attempt to flee, I will find you. Any attempts to escape the hit without meeting my clients terms will fail.
If you fail to meet the terms, the method of execution chosen by my client: to be restrained and sealed in a large block of silicone. I will be the one to perform your execution. The decision is yours.
Signed, Hitman
I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony of my “execution.” I sat the letter on the counter, and called my father. I asked him if the letter was some kind of joke because of yesterday, but he had no idea what I was talking about. I was going to take a picture of the letter to send to him, but the only thing on the counter was small bits of ash. It was almost as if the letter self destructed, like what you see in spy movies. I found this very strange, but assumed it must have been a dream.
Three weeks later, and I had completely forgotten about the letter. I had managed to find a job that paid the bills. I was on my way home from grocery shopping, when I got an uneasy feeling, like I was being stalked. I tried to write it off as some random paranoia wave. When I got home, I found another letter attached to my door. I assumed it was just mail and grabbed it as I went inside.
I sat my groceries in the kitchen and opened the letter. This one confirmed the last one was not a dream. The second letter read:
Dear Mr. David,
I have noticed that after three weeks you have made no effort in meeting my clients terms. As the previous letter was destroyed, allow me to refresh your memory on the terms: Deliver the purchased products and $10,000 to my client or you will be restrained in a large block of silicone. It has been 21 days since you were given the first letter.
Now Mr. David, I do look forward to your execution. The method is out of the ordinary for my line of work, and quite ironic. I would very much like to try it on you. However, I believe my client would much prefer you meet his terms. This letter is to inform you that you have nine days remaining to meet the terms. Your time is running out, make your decision.
Signed, Hitman
Before the letter had a chance to self-destruct, I grabbed my phone to take a picture. I managed to get a picture before the letter dissolved into ash. Any hope I had was shattered when I looked at the photo however. I was looking at a picture of a blank piece of paper. I was dumbfounded, I didn’t even know ink existed that would not show up on camera.
At this point I didn’t know what to do, I had nine days to come up with the money and the items. I thought about selling some possessions to raise the necessary funds, but I couldn’t raise $10,300 if I sold everything I had. I thought about it for a while, and came up with an idea. I still remembered the name of the hitman service Mr. Client had hired. My plan was simple, I will put a warning hit on Mr. Client. My terms, Mr. Client has three days to call off his hitman. It had to work, it was my only option.
I figured a couple grand would get me a hitman quickly. I put my car up for sale, and told people I needed it gone quickly. The car itself is worth about $4,500. I listed it for $3,000 to get it to sell, but only managed to get $2,500. I figured it might be enough, and went searching for the warning hit service. I had some experience with the dark web in my past, and did manage to find them, although it took a while.
When I got on their site, I found a form to fill out to place a warning hit. I put in the necessary information into the form and submitted it. I was hoping for a quick answer, and I got one. A hitman answered me and said she would do the hit. I was relieved as she told me she takes most hits and doesn’t ask questions.
The next day I found a large manila envelope on my door. I assumed it was about my warning hit and opened it eagerly. Inside was an envelope, a copy of my warning hit form with a note, and $2,500. I read the note first. It read:
We have reviewed and voided your warning hit. Despite it being accepted, the hit will not continue, and your target will not be informed. We do not allow hits on anyone who has an active hit. The reason for this is to prevent anyone from using our service to get out of a hit. If you attempt to place another warning hit on your target, a hitman will be activated to terminate you.
Well fuck, back to square one. I reviewed the items in the manila envelope, all the money was there, and the form had “void” stamped on it. I wasn’t sure what the envelope was for, my only guess was it was a letter from the hitman who took my case. Well, I was right about the hitman part anyway. Inside was a letter which read:
Dear Mr. David,
Because of the warning hit you attempted to place on my client, your termination will be carried out. You can no longer save yourself. You should already know this however, otherwise you would not have tried to place a hit on my client. Your little plan was doomed from the start however. One little detail you missed, once a warning hit has been placed, the client cannot call it off. Even though it’s a rule we have, I would have killed you regardless. What better opportunity to perform a unique execution like yours? See you soon.
Signed, Hitman
So that’s that, I’m a dead man. I sat in my living room for a few minutes brainstorming ideas. As I watched the papers dissolve on my table, I figured my best option was to completely disappear. I packed a bag and robbed someone of their car. I gave the owner $500 to “not remember” what I look like, and he agreed. I drove until the car ran out of gas, then started wandering through a patch of forest near where I broke down. I stumbled across a summer cabin and broke in. I planned to spend the night, but found a note waiting inside, it was short but it read:
David. No matter where you go, we will find you. There is no escape. Accept your fate.
They are right, I can’t escape this. They somehow knew I would end up here, how could I escape this? I sat down at the computer and figured I would spend my last few hours telling my story to reddit, and drinking the whiskey I found in the freezer. It’s too late for me, but not for you. Please, especially if you are a business owner, be goa;ersdljNaCnbabg gchgkxhufttgzsfaWQWDAxsg
Hey everyone, “David” is unconscious, but still alive. I saw his post and read through it. I figured I would post it for him, in a way they’re his last words. You may be wondering why I didn’t delete it, its evidence afterall. Well, how many stories have you read on here that you thought were true? Anyways, before I rudely interrupted him, I think he was telling you to be good to others. Especially if you are a business owner, or in his case, customer support.
I’m going to wrap this up, I have some business to finish. I suggest you take David’s advice, otherwise we might meet someday, and one of us won’t like that… Hitman, signing off.
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29 Songs You May Have Missed In 2017

Just realized I never posted this. I posted all of these write-ups over the course of the month of April in the Daily Discussion threads, here they are compiled for your reading pleasure.
Ledisi is one of those people who’s big in the r&b/soul sphere that runs perpendicular to the pop scene but doesn’t quite make the area of intersection, which is a shame because she’s golden voiced and releases great music. This song is about the desire for an all encompassing love that loves her “all the way,” complete with a delicate string arrangement and that slow burn classic drum/piano, and she sells the hell out of it. It’s the kind of overly romantic song that usually gets labelled as wedding fodder, but when it sounds this pristine that’s not even pejorative.
This is standard “badass rapper boast” track but she manages to avoid (too many) cliches and elevate the song with synth drenched sonics. She has a very laid back flow that bleeds nicely into her raspy singing and it sounds great; this song just feels good to listen to, it’s very easy on the ears. She sounds like an absolutely fierce queen but there’s also a heartwarming little twist on the lyrics during the bridge that keeps the song from just being empty swagger.
This cut from Queen Elizabitch addresses the daunting topic of body positivity and knocks it out of the park. Her lyrics are layered and inspiration, using clever wordplay to take shots at the more toxic aspects of our beauty obsessed culture in a manner that’s simultaneously tactful and sassy. Her delivery is as fiery as always and the way she just attacks her bars works really well with the beat and the message of this track.
On their final album Fifth Harmony felt mature enough to handle how horny their music was, and without Camila’s hurricane of runs in the mix they had to rely on confidence and charisma rather than just volume. Case in point: “Deliver,” a Mariah-esque r&b track that sees them spitting flirty lines over a smooth arrangement of piano/trap/finger snaps, is possibly the most addicting song in their discography. The song is really written to play to their strengths, giving them material they can handle and allowing each girl a moment to shine.
The manifesto of TOFIE’s “2D music girl” persona, the song puts us into the mind of a pixelated girl living in a computer screen who wants nothing more than to make you happy. If that sounds overly saccharine… well, that’s the point! “Digital Girl” is pure cuteness, just sugary vocals sprinkled over an airy foam of synths with all manner of quirky sound effects layered in to make it that much sweeter. She fully embraces the anime-core style without losing that firm pop edge that makes this a song rather than just empty aesthetic. But the aesthetic isn't half-bad either.
It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Bridgit Mendler last released music… Actually no it’s not, it sucks and I want her back. Still, “Diving” wasn’t an awful note to go out on. Her brand of smooth “submersible” pop is as hypnotic ever, drawing you deeper and deeper into her world with every repeated refrain. She sings this song in a kind of strange place in her voice (like, right about where it breaks) but it makes the song so intimate, like she’s whispering in your ear.
“Empty” is an exploration of depression in the age of partying. It’s tempting to roll your eyes at this pretty white teenage girl rapping about how much life sucks, but the song actually works really well because writing and delivery on this song feel so painfully honest. It’s as edgy as it is relatable, packed with straightforward but true lines and a chorus that will have you screaming along with tears running down your face. It’s a cathartic track that just lets you pour your frustration out, maybe not the healthiest song to have on repeat but one that we all need every now and again.
Unapologetically tracks the journey of Kelsea from a breakup to a new relationship, and in this journey “End Of The World” signals the end of the breakup songs and the beginning of the love songs. It’s a big, beautiful song about the moment where she realizes that what she’s going through isn’t the end of the world, and allows herself to open up to love again. I love the way the melody rises and crests as the drums collapse down on her like the sky is falling, it really makes you feel like she’s pushing through the end of the world.
“Falling For A Lullaby” is propelled by wiry synths and an intense beat, but once the chorus hits and they introduce that dolphin-whistle synth it goes to a whole other level. In general the production has a very edgy vibe which matches the abstract lyrics that describe dreams, fantasies, and power struggles. They don’t really make sense (what does “falling for a lullaby” even mean?) but they sound cool and give the singers a lot to play with. FEMM just demolish the vocals, they sound so intense and their harmonies and riffs on the bridge are the best of their career.
This is a big electropop song with a really nice groove to it, I’ve seen it compared to The Talking Heads and it feels kinda Imagine Dragons-esque to me. It starts off kinda slow, just some repeating loops of music, but about a minute and a half in it just explodes into this huge chorus and then the party keeps going until the end. There’s so much power in that simple, shouted out “I wish we were friends again” that keeps me coming back for more.
The video for Chuu’s debut solo single “Heart Attack” depicts her as a young woman hopelessly in love with her group member Yves, so it’s appropriate that the single’s B-side should be a duet between the two, and while it’s not the out and proud lesbian duet one would hope for it’s still a delightful song. Musically it’s a swirling disco duet, with Chuu and Yves trading breathy lines over some really tasty guitar licks. Despite their repeated insistence that “it’s all about you boy” there’s an air of mischievousness to the track, a bit of a hair flip and a giggle. What does that mean? It’s just girl’s talk. gay
Dorian Electra really blew up last year thanks to a Charli XCX feature and the critical reception of Flamboyant, but I think a lot of Dorian’s pre-Flamboyant work is unfairly ignored and it’s a shame because they gave us some gems like “Jackpot.” It’s a fairly straightforward synth pop song but that’s not a bad thing, and it’s easy to hear hints of the hyper-pop sound that Dorian would later find success with. There’s a kind of cheap, almost sleazy feel to the song that’s definitely intentional and a lot of fun, and the neon tinged Las Vegas casino fantasy music video is one of my favorites from them.
This song has been stuck in my head since 2017. It’s the kind of song that creeps up on you, Lia Lia never raises her voice and the instrumental is fairly low-key, but the song is so instantly memorable. The stuttering drum machine contrasts nicely against her gentle voice, which helps both elements really pop. It feels like she’s threaded the gentle melody through the noise around it and the effect is almost hypnotic.
Tinashe said she cried for two days when the label forced her to release “Flame,” which is understandable for many reasons. Obviously the label was mistreating her and preventing her from releasing the r&b music that she wanted to make, but also she had already released a better version of the song earlier in the year? "Quit You," her collaboration with Lost Kings, is also a fairly straightforward ‘80s influenced synth pop song but strong writing and production have made it memorable years later. It has a very “2017” vibe reminiscent of some of the older stuff by The Chainsmokers. It’s easily digestible fun with an aggressively catchy melody and a great drop to spice it up.
Listening to this song the immediate reaction is “this is bizarre” but the more you listen to it the more hypnotic it becomes. The soporific autotuned vocals, the contrast between the softer elements (the bells and synths) and the harder ones (the drums and guitar), the bluntly edgy lyrics, they’re an eclectic mix that feels very unique. He strikes an interesting balance between darkness and sweetness, his music and aesthetics seem very dark but his melodious voice and a strange sense of gentleness undercut that. Interestingly we also have the demo for this song (which was found geocached behind a cafe) which in a weird sort of way I almost like better.
When I first heard What If Nothing I instantly pegged that this song would be a huge hit. I was wrong, of course, but I stand by the sentiment. This is the slickest foot stomper WALK THE MOON have put out since “Shut Up And Dance” and if there were any justice it would have received at least a fraction of that same success. WALK THE MOON are a true band, and every member is firing off on all cylinders here. Every part of this track is just so damn good; the drums, the guitars, the bassline, the synths, any one element could easily carry another song on its back but they stuck them all into the same track and the result is sheer euphoria.
This song is a cover of a hugely famous Japanese song, and while the original is charmingly retro, this is sleekly modern. TWINKIDS give the song fresh life with trendy electronic production but the almost vaporwave vibe they go with helps it retain an air of nostalgia. They transform the song into a swirling duet and add plenty of bubbling synths that give a lot of layers to the song while still respecting how great the original melody is. They mesh well with the source material: they give it a more modern twist, it ropes in their tendency to get too ambient, and the end result is a really cool track.
Though they aren’t exactly huge, Haiku Hands definitely made an explosive debut with this song. An electro-rave track, this song seems to be made up only of speaker pounding bass which the girls shout quotable lines over. What do the lyrics mean? What is the song about? Why are they yelling? That all seems secondary to the irresistible energy and bratty attitude that flow from the song. There’s an undeniable style to Haiku Hands, an air of effortless cool that’s a little unusual, but very refreshing.
2017 was the 25th anniversary of the legendary hit “Finally,” and while CeCe celebrated that she made sure to drop a new song to remind the kids that she’s still got it. This is such a carefree song that invites you to dance all of your problems away in the club, and the chorus is definitely an earworm! It’s got a groovy house beat (of course), a string section, backup singers, everything you’d want and expect from a diva like CeCe. While it’s not destined to become a classic or anything, it’s a great throwback to that ‘90s house sound and a wonderful shot of fun for fans of that era.
Ashnikko makes what I affectionately term as “super villain rap” with an alt-pop twist characterized by heavy beats, braggadocios lyrics, and a slightly fucked up perspective. “Sass Pancakes” is a madcap monster of a track, starting off with an ironic sample of an old pancake commercial before Ashnikko bursts onto the track and describes some decidedly unwholesome things. Her flow is fantastic for the textured beat and she delivers a lot of fun, memorable lines with charisma. The song just has such a wild, unhinged energy that’s kept me coming back to it even years later.
Kelly shows a different side of herself here, a sultrier one that I don’t normally associate with her but that she carries off very well. Kelly is known for her huge vocals but this song is about playing coy and the more subdued approach really works. She purrs out that invitation to slow dance, which is actually her way of rejecting this guy’s advances but she makes it sound so damn good you don’t even notice. The smoky production, which features heavy drums and a suggestive string arrangement, is really pretty and the perfect backdrop for her.
The song is built around a simple (but relatable) sentiment that’s almost corny, but BANNERS is wailing his heart out and the music sounds so HUGE that it succeeds through sheer force of will. It’s just such a robust song. Everything about it is perfectly calibrated for maximum impact, from the smooth violin that gives a sense of forward motion to the background shouts that pop in momentarily just to punch up the chorus. Foot stomping, stadium filling guitar driven pop songs are easy to create a facsimile of but hard to master, and BANNERS managed to nail this one to the wall.
Both Vanic and the singer bring their A-game and it pays off with a huge EDM banger. It’s a fairly straightforward track that compares looking at someone to staring at the sun, but the music elevates it to a whole new level. I love when the drop in an EDM song actually conveys something, and this hammering drop that seems to tear the world apart really captures how it feels to look at someone you find almost too beautiful to exist. There’s awe in this song, one could say it’s… awesome.
“Switch” is a nice little Latin flavored pop-rap track, but the Tom Swoon remix takes it to another level. He slows the tempo and bulks up the production with trap drums and tropical house beats to give it a bit more muscle, and both Iggy and Anitta sound much better for it. The real treasure is the drop he adds after the chorus, which takes advantage of the additional momentum he adds to give the song more of a climax and extend the already great chorus even longer. This remix just has this huge, heavy energy that I love.
Long before RuPaul’s Drag Race, the most common place to see drag queens on television was on trashy daytime talk shows like Maury or Ricki Lake, which would air segments like “Man or Woman?” Manila Luzon pays tribute to this era in her own unique way: she flips the infamous phrase “that’s a man Maury” around to describe a man who doesn’t care that she’s a drag queen! The relationship that the lyrics describe is full of details that are actually really wholesome, which grounds all the campiness in a genuinely sweet sentiment, and the smooth r&b melody with the sultry (shockingly un-autotuned) vocals actually work really well.
This song is expertly assembled: the lyrics describe wanting to run away on an adventure with someone (setting the sleek Tokyo as the destination) and then a bouncy house beat and dreamy synths bring this wanderlust to life. The production is so smooth and clear, it feels like it flows into the ear like cool air, and the vocalist slots into the mix perfectly. I’ve looked into this “Light House” figure and I haven’t been able to find anything on her, which is a shame because I love her voice. She has that light, smooth quality that’s almost Vocaloid-esque, and her performance really takes this song to another level.
This song is built around a slick chorus that builds and builds until it slides right into the next verse, a neat little trick that keeps the song flowing and matches the cheeky lyrics. She describes this story of undercover romance so well it basically feels like reading a frothy little piece of fan fiction, just a frothy string of enticing moments. I especially love the acoustic bridge with its sly lyrics where she teases her lover, it gives another layer to the song’s overall mischievous energy. Kehlani’s ability to craft a catchy hook and then deliver it well always impresses me!
This song is off-the-wall maximalist, it starts off quiet and low but once that first chorus hits it’s an explosion of noise with rattling drum machines and expertly placed synth pads that just keep upping the ante until the song is over. She serves huge vocals that crackle with energy, her voice sounds kind of tight but I’m into it. There’s also some silly voicemails peppered throughout the track that give it a sense of campy melodrama. It’s a monster of a pop song, Bree has been gaining some traction lately but this should have made her a star back in 2017.
I don’t know if I can really call this “underrated” because it was a decent country hit and Rascal Flats are huge but it’s a bop and I’ve never seen it mentioned on here. It’s very well written, with a super strong melody and romantic lyrics that make great use of repetition. I find the straightforward, unironic sentiment of it to be very charming, kind of like a Nicholas Sparks movie. I guess sometimes… country good.
Here were the accompanying albums.
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Thailand is not a Democracy yet I feel more free in the Kingdom than in California.
Another day another thread or comment is posted on reddit about a FARANG talk crap about Thailand. Yet THAILAND has 3 of their cities in "Most Traveled to Cities in the World" Visa did a stats on this and many other sources corroborated. Why is that? Racists? Xenophobe? Rude culture? Then why do people come?
Allow me to play Devil's advocate:
1) FARANG can't buy land not because of racism but because of CAPITALISM. THAILAND PROTECT KING'S LAND for ITS PEOPLE to purchase at affordable price per Rai.
Look at California coastal cities to Oregon to Washington to Vancouver BC. Most of THE LANDS ARE OWNED BY MULTI NATIONAL CORPORATIONS BANKERS. It baffles me when citizen of its own country who parents live in the area cannot afford rent where they grew up. Some old ass landlord dude bottleneck the whole zip code innovation from young people by purchasing up all land and making rent more than 50% of young people's income. People work to pay rent rather than live their life doing passion or other services. So many people are now doing "VaN LiFe, LiveLovePrayTraveltoThailand90daysVisaHopsElepahantPants" Young people suffers from: No private property, no care, no sense of belonging at all. So much pressure for young men, so high suicide rates and divorce due to RENT. It's always comes down to roof over your head.
Look at Facebook owner Zuckerberg. He owns half the island in Hawaii.
Look at Jamaica and other islands around it. All resorts own by few rich dudes. People can't access most beaches only one public beach.
Look at Manila. Homeless Citizens everywhere eating PAG PAG aka throw away KFC in trash while landlords gets fat. Same constitution as USA. Facsimile.
Look at Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Rich military men has multiple wives Helicopters for medivac. Regular citizen get snake bit in the field. No BTS. NO SPEED TRAIN. Good luck fighting cobra bite on motor bike for 45 minutes to "Hospital".
10 Families own half Florida land mass.
Al Jazeera UK usually anti Thailand just released in Youtube video praising Thailand Swiztzerland has program sending their elder to Thailand to lives rest of their lives with nuero disease. It's great news but it's kinda funny how they outsource their elder to other country and Switz and Sweden supposed to be best country in the world LOL. Thailand last resort Read the comments how many Switz praise Thai ways of respecting elder.
Look at California. City of Irvine. 4th safest city in United States. 90% own by Irvine Company. It's a big slum lord company with crazy HOA with high tax. You can never own especially with student loan.
Look with San Francisco. You can make 100k per year and live in a shack 3k per month.
You think an average Thai can afford that life style? Western born people even can't afford land in country like the United States land of the FREE so how can Thai? Unless you wanna live in Tornado alley where your life saving can be wiped in 1 shot. Then yes you cann buy a Mcmansion for a 100k.
You yourself will likely pay way more once Thailand becomes democracy. Lands are not gonna be affordable like you think. With outside money, China will swiped right the whole coasts and turn it into Casino like in LAOS, Cambodia and Vancouver Africa. Those videos that FARANG JOE posts on youtube for $200/month BEACH FRONT RENTAL PROPERTY IN PRACHUAP KIRIKHAN etc will be all GONE. It will be like $200 a night bungalo cut out from street with all kind of HOA laws and everything will costs 3 times more due to permit. 30 BAHT street food bowl of BAH MEE MOO DANG from mom and pops shops? Low rent means cheap food. LMAO now 90 BAHT with RENT MARK UP TO GO TO IPO COMPANY WHO JUST ENTERED SP500. Look at USA LANDSCAPE nothing but malls, starbucks, and amazon warehouses. It takes 16 licenses to open a lemonade stand in California. Costs ramification is a lot to an average person. It's not racism at all. Thailand wants Thai to be self reliant and proud business owner. Capitalism kills small businesses Ask Jeff Bayso who during COVID 19 Earnings in first three months equivalent to $33m an hour.
If you want to own property buy condo or buy land but do it the right way and marry a good woman or man. You gonna pass it on to your sons and daughters anyway so who cares. Make babies, plant flag and hold down your land with your wife. If you marry a bar girl and she leaves you, you cannot blame Thailand. You lost your virginity and felt in love with your first warm cherries pie and then it's on you. Bar girls slept with 10,000 dudes by the time she retires at ripe age of 30. I get some people don't care about body count as long as no STD but generally they are harder to bond with. Think about it, would you hire someone to manage your business who leaves his job every week for a new job on his resume? No loyalty. They will run and find another sucker. Don't blame anyone but yourself.
United States has VETERAN DISCOUNTS almost everywhere and has PX for active duty services and VET only electronic stores and booze and cigarettes no tax. Memorial days discounts and perks. Wear a dress Blue??? Free meals all day.
A group of Marine got on the same boat with me and my buddies from Long Beach to Catalina island fishing for scorpion fish. We paid $100 each for 4 hours fishing. Marines all paid 25% less than us due to military discount. I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH THAT. They served, gave up few years of their youth for service. GOOD FOR THEM HOORAH.
Many average male in Thailand including your sons has to serve unless u hide him from Thailand until he is 30 years old. Many of them also has to be a monk one season for "GrAnDPaRenTz GoeS To HeavEn FamILy HappY" My point is they don't just get the perks. They have to serve 2 years guarding Cambodian, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia boarder and has to be a monk too. I AM ABSOLUTELY OKAY WITH PAYING 100 BAHT AKA 3 BUCKS to enter National Parks and Somchai can pay 30 BAHT aka 1 DOLLARS. I did not serve. My GDP is higher. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH PAYING FARANG PRICE.
The Thais are not racists but are weeding out unorganized grab-asstic Cheap Charlies and sociopath takers who pack the attitude to be confrontational in their beloved Thailand. If you can't save up 800k BAHT aka 27k USD, you have no business leaching and retiring in other countries that you didn't put into the system.
People who qualify to retired in Thailand TODAY has a lot higher quality of life than the former Thailand of 20 years ago.
Seems like many Farang with Asian wife in particular ran from Neo-Liberalism-Bigbrother-nopersonalfreedom politics with high tax high rental costs and high divorce rate in the west. So why try to make Thailand Democracy like your home you ran from? Which eventually becomes high propety tax like California. Stay out of politics. Everytime USA bring Democracy, someone gets bombed. You're a guest go fix your home.
Old people can't even afford medicare copays and rent off SSA. What kind of society just let their elder dies in massive body count during COVID19 in USA hospice. Thais cares way more about old people and even bow to them and answer KRUP OR KRA after every sentence.
CHUCKIE AND PAIGE from NOTIME2BESAD just paid 1k PER YEAR for PPO INSURANCE in THAILAND. Thai doctors can make a dude turn to hot ladyboy. Your tumor or nose job is nothing. Them surgeons working in King's hospital are mostly Farang and or Western Medical Educated Thais and only cost a fraction of the US pricing. Retired at 50 years old no need to work hard all your life to 70 years old and break health to make money, then the spent the made money to save health.
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What is your perfect movie?

A while ago, me and my mom were going thru Netflix looking for something to watch when the then-recently released Only God Forgives trailer came on. Not too long into the trailer, my mom said “Oh, you’d love this movie,” simply bcuz it has everything I love in a movie: shots with neon contrast, a synth heavy soundtrack, martial arts violence. And that got me thinking, what are the elements in movies that will always get me interested?
I kind of made this by taking bits and pieces from other movies that I liked, moreso than picking one movie with everything. I’d love to discuss your own formulas and whether or not these holy grails exist, so post your own.
Setting: Los Angeles seems to be my go-to for movies. Almost every movie running the gamut from The Big Lebowski to Blade Runner to The Fast And The Furious to Pulp Fiction, the city of Los Angeles always seems to be a character besides the cast, with simple lines such as “Marcellus doesn’t have friends in the Valley” adding as some extra exposition.
Besides that, I grew up in and around Asia, so an Asian setting such as Tokyo is always interesting to me. Bonus points for cities that aren’t as prominent in movies like Bangkok, Manila or Jakarta.
Plot: I love heist movies, especially if there’s some sort of parallel story, kind of like Mickey’s bare-knuckle fight being a cover for the assault on Brick Top. There’s a lot of crime movies I really enjoy, from fun romps like The Art Of Steal to grittier affairs like Drive.
Dialogue: I was a bit split on this bcuz as much as I love banter in movies, the silent protagonists in most Ryan Gosling movies has really grown on me. I think there’s a balance here I’ll get into later, but movies directed by Guy Ritchie and Quinten Tarantino can really hit this balance well.
Pacing: Mad Max: Fury Road is the best paced movie I’ve ever seen, besides maybe Raiders Of The Lost Ark. I love the premise of an hour out and an hour back and I don’t think we see this enough in movies. There’s a lot that tend to either fly as fast as it can and burst apart at the seams or trudge unremarkably and try to manage keeping attention. Fury Road made me feel like I didn’t waste my day but I also got my money’s worth.
Soundtrack: In my opinion, Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack is the most beautiful soundtracks ever and I’d love to have an ambient synthesizer-heavy soundtrack that fits the neon-soaked settings I mentioned prior. I love music and I think Baby Driver and Reservoir Dogs playing the music on the radio is such a cool touch. Having that underlying electronic soundtrack mixed with some licensed music from car radios that reflect the characters’ personalities would be incredible.
Casting: I mentioned the balance before between banter and silence, but I also want a diverse cast. I’m black, but diverse doesn’t mean throw a black guy in and we’re good. It means having multiple ethnicities, regions, looks, genders and orientations represented. But you can’t try too hard. In this case, Los Angeles and Hong Kong allow for very unique groups represented in cities that are hubs for business. Sleeping Dogs is an excellent example of this, there’s a British character, a few black guys, Americans, Chinese, and DLC implied more characters from New Zealand, Japan and Thailand.
Other: I like cars, especially if we can see the personality of the character thru their cars. The later Fast Saga movies do an excellent job of telling you what a character is like and I haven’t really seen that much in any other movie. I also like violence, but I’ve noticed realistically gory violence isn’t really my thing. John Wick is pretty much exactly what I enjoy as far as gunplay, that and The Raid’s martial arts takes are damn near perfect.
If someone made a movie that took place in the first hour of getting a heist crew together in Los Angeles to rob a casino in Hong Kong during an MMA fight and the fallout of that heist nearly failing, that might be my new second-favorite movie of all time.
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Ghost writer

“Mr. Fuller?”
The tall man looked up at him through a curtain of black greasy bangs and his face was equal parts good-natured annoyance and cool certainty. Detective Cutter liked the annoyance, annoyed men could become angry and angry men made mistakes, but the certainty was going to make this exchange difficult. A man who was certain was a man who would play the game to win and Detective Cutter was just as certain that this man was guilty.
“Do you know why you’re here?” Cutter asked as he put the box down between them, looming over Fuller like some dark sentry. He could not, of course, have done this if Fuller was standing. If Fuller had been any further into six feet he would have been playing basketball somewhere instead of writing crime novels. Cutter was all of five feet and only because of his red, Irish curls. He stood over Fuller now though, not glowering but not smiling, from a position of power that Fuller’s certain and almost bright smile did not seem to understand. The game was over in the ninth inning, caught the last pitch before it could sail over the wall, and now it was all over but the crying.
Fuller looked at him like a professor looks at a bright pupil who's just broken the cardinal rule and asked a very stupid question, “Don’t you know?” he asked in that deep cultured voice that made Cutter want to start hitting him, “I assumed you must after two officers came to my office to collect me.”
Cutter snorted, “Collect you? Mr. Fuller, you were arrested, Mirandized, and placed in an interrogation room. I’d say that’s about as far from “collected” as it gets.”
Fuller sighed, “Come now Officer Cutter, we both know that if you could charge me for anything we wouldn’t be having this little chat now would we?”
Cutter grabbed the chair next to him and spun it so he could lean against the back of it as he sat. It was a distinctly juvenile posture but he accepted it as he settled in for a long match. He was tired, bone-weary, from chasing this guys shadow for the last three weeks and he’d be damned if he’d let him slip away now. Marcus Fuller was going to answer for these murders if they had to sit here all week and Cutter was settling in for the long run.
“My captain likes you for this, hell I like you for this, and we have solid evidence that if you didn’t pull the trigger yourself then you know who did.”
Fuller rolled his eyes, “And why would I want to commit murder? I’m a very successful writer with two Sunday Times Noir Award. I was on two Best Seller lists just last week and expect to be again three months from now when my new book hits shelves. I live very comfortably and could easily retire from writing and maintain that comfort for the rest of my life if I choose. Why would I jeopardize that by killing prostitutes and thugs?”
“Let's start with that “Prostitute” shall we?” He said as he reached into the box and took out a thick manila folder. He flipped it open onto two pictures of a pretty brunet in her early forties. The top photo showed her inviting guests into a newly opened Royal Casino while the bottom was her being booked a few years before for solicitation. Her expression was the same in both photos; devil may care with a side order or iron poise.
“Marjory Dire, proprietor of Dire Need, who was found murdered in her suite at the Seawind Resort.” He flipped the page and behind it were several shots of a glassy-eyed Marjory who was no longer possessed of poise or much of anything. She lay naked across a hotel bed with a long, angry cut from one ear to the other barely visible through the thick collar of blood clotting around the wound. “Hotel staff received a noise complaint around eleven and hotel security found her with her throat cut at eleven-thirty.”
He had hoped the grizzly scene would shock Fuller. He had hoped for revulsion, hoped Fuller would turn green, be sick in the wastebasket, or even that he would appear excited by the photos and tip his hand in front of the detective.
Instead, he studied them for a moment and then looked back at Cutter expectantly.
“Very graphic Officer Cutter but what does this have to do with me?”
Detective Cutter reached into the box as he spoke, “The murder scene of Marjory Dire is nearly the same as the killing of Catherine Hoff in your book Hunter City.” He removed a dog eared paperback from the box and Fuller didn’t seem at all surprised to see it. “If you’ll indulge me Mr. Fuller?” and before he could protest Cutter had opened the book to the paragraph in question.
“Hold her Jack, I’m about to send Regis a message.”
As the switchblade came to life, Cat began to struggle as she hung between Jack and Anthony. Her tears made black pools of her mascara and when Hunter lifted her chin to look her in the eye she had long tracts down either side of her face. He waggled the blade in front of her face and she cringed away as the steel glinted.
“Please Glenn, please don’t do this! We can make a deal, I’ll work for you instead of Regis, but please don’t hurt me, Glenn.” And she dissolved into shuddering sobs again.
She stopped when Hunter pressed the edge against her throat, “It’s nothing personal Cat; it’s just business.”
She sighed like a split seem as the knife parted her flesh and her blood poured across the swell of her modest breasts. When Hunters Gentlemen released her, she fell back onto the bed with a boneless grace and Hunter only spared her a final glance before he strode into the hall and left her alone in the makeshift abattoir.
Fuller indulged him as he read and when Marcus finished he only sat expectantly.
“What do you make of that Mr. Fuller?” he finally asked when it seemed Fuller would not break the silence.
Fuller shrugged, “Seems a fan of my work decided to reenact some of his favorite scenes. As I told you the first time you came snooping around my office I was at a charity event that night and a dozen people will corroborate that I was present until well past midnight. So unless I’m under arrest for writing a convincing crime drama…”
“Are you familiar with the murder of Gerald and Jamal Smith, Mr. Fuller?" Cutter cut him off mid-sentence. Men like Fuller hated to be cut off and he felt certain the act would unnerve him.
It didn’t.
“I’m afraid I’m not,” Fuller said, crossing his arms and appraising Detective Cutter with light disapproval.
“They were hired muscle for Selectmen Cane; a local crime boss in the area. All three of them also bear a striking resemblance to Boyl, Barker, and Regis Angel from Hunter Street.”
Fuller rolled his eyes and sighed deeply in the back of his throat, “Do tell.”
“Both Gerald and Jamal were visiting the tavern bellow Canes office when their drinks were spiked with Rohypnol. Both were large men Mr. Fuller and both had a lot of experience with guns; as did Boyl and Barker. Boyl and Barker, as you’ll recall, were drugged by Glenn Hunter before he assailed the home of Regis Angel and both sets were shot on the stairs as they tried to return to their boss. Their nerves dulled. they were easy prey for both Glenn Hunter and our current mystery killer. Then, of course, there’s the nature of Selectman Cane's death.”
“Let me guess,” said Fuller, “drowned in the bath?”
He flipped through the file and settled it back onto the table, “Close, drowned in the sink.”
The photos were of a man in his late fifties lying face up in a utility sink. His shoulders had been forced down into the wide basin and his face was a spider web of cuts and scratches where the faucet had battered him. One of his eyes bulged grotesquely from his face as his other stared glassily at the photographer. Fuller looked at this with no more interest than he had the others and when he looked up his eyes questioned Cutter on what he hoped to accomplish.
“He didn’t catch Selectman Cane in the bath you see and he was forced to improvise by drowning him in a utility sink. Cane fought but forensics says his attacker finally broke his back and forced him down into the utility sink so he could properly drown him.”
“That’s not from one of my books Officer Cutter.”
“No, but Hunter did drown Regis Angel in a bathtub after killing his bodyguards in a stairwell. I’ve got the passage somewhere here.” He said as he removed a copy of Hunter Street from the box as well. He turned to back and saw Fuller wince as he bent the page back to read the highlighted paragraph.
“That’s more of a reaction than he had to the entire photo album.” Cutter thought as his eyes found the spot.
Hunter watched as Wagner’s eyes went wide as he pushed through the bathroom door. Wagner reached for the gun under his jacket but the little silenced pistol in Hunter’s hand woofed softly and he felt the angry burn as the acoustics of the bathroom turn Rise of the Valkyries into a cover for the loud wet slap of a body hitting the floor. He entered the small door between the bathroom and the washroom unnoticed and as he pushed the large form of Regis Angel under the water he was rewarded with total surprise. The old man was still quite strong and had it not been for the surprise of the attack and the slippery bathtub in which he had been lounging Hunter thought he’d have been in for a real fight. As he drowned him he bent over him so he could watch the life leave his eyes. “If you watch a powerful man draw his last breath some of his spirit will be transferred to you boy.” His grandfather had told him this a thousand times if he’d told him once but as the struggling stopped and great shadow of Regis Angel left the world forever Hunter felt little save a deep sense of satisfaction and a staggering sense of loss.
“You’re reaching detective.” Fuller scoffed but Cutter noticed the change in title and it seemed a victory if a small one.
“He was drowned on his back Mr. Fuller, which leads us to believe his attacker wanted to watch him die.”
“Which supports the theory of a copy cat!” Fuller barked, pushing up from his comfortable pose to glower at Cutter. “Just because you beat this dead horse over and over again Detective does not mean it’s going to give you anything but…”
“Your third book was a bit of a disappointment wouldn’t you say, Mr. Fuller?”
That shut him up. He stopped midsentence and goggled at Cutter as if he’d just grown an extra head. If Fuller wanted to play the copy cat game then Fuller was ready to drop his final piece of damning evidence. He was more than happy to let Fuller back himself fully into this corner first though.
Fuller blew out a long breath, “I don’t see what relevance that has at all in this case.”
“A dozen rewrites, not well received by the fans, and the reception to the ending was so bad you had to write a fourth book and turn the Hunter trilogy into a Hunter quartet. That had to sting a little wouldn’t you say?”
“That was a decision I made on my own.” He snapped but Cutter didn’t care. He had this guy and he knew it. The first two pieces were only the appetizers and after he served up the main course he’d be more than happy to give this guy his just desserts.
“Well, the most recent murder was very reminiscent of another scene from your book…”
“Oh please, do tell! Someone kill a big stupid bruiser on the street with a machine gun? Poison a congressman? Slit a whore up the…”
Cutter threw down an open folder and watched the pompous prick deflate like an old balloon, “We had to request the manuscript from his secretary when we found out you had written a fourth novel. She was so distraught that she sent it over immediately. This, Mr. Fuller, is the reason you’re here.”
Fuller looked far more unsettled by these photos than anything else that day, “This can't be.” He finally breathed, “I just talked to Dan last week, he was…he was…”
“Danforth Wild was murdered in his apartment last week; three days after you threatened him over social media for “stealing the premise of Hunter State for his noir series”. You said you would make his regret every word published, didn’t you? I guess maybe he regrets it now doesn’t he.”
Fuller sat looking at the page for several seconds before closing his eyes and sighing, “He was eviscerated just like the congressman in Hunter’s Stand. My agent was the only one who had a copy of the manuscript so, of course, you think…”
He closed the folder and glared up at Cutter, “Hook me to a lie detector Detective. Call my assistant and ask her where I was when Dan was killed. I have no receipts for travel, I have taken no leave from work, and you will find that there is no way I could have done these things. Now unless you’re prepared to hold me under suspicion I demand you release me.”
Cutter stared at him for nearly a minute before shaking his head with a deep sigh. He had hoped he could grill the answers out of Fuller but the guy was too slick for that. His captain was going to rake him over the coals for this one and Cutter could already hear the sound of pens signing his “leave of absence” slip.
“You're free to go.” He said, waving his hand at the door, and Fuller left with a little slam as the door shut behind him.
Three weeks of suspension from duty.
Cutter drained the whiskey from his glass and slid it back towards Mike the barman. He had drunk his first drink at the Fighting Cock and he thought it would probably be the place where he took his last too. You shake enough trees like he had and you were bound to have something fall on you eventually. Guys like Fuller though made him ache for a drink.
The door jingled and Cutter didn’t even look up until someone plopped down next to him.
“They thought I might find you here,” said a familiar, cultured voice, “I need your help.”
Cutter blew a chuckle into his shot before knocking it back, “You dance around justice, get me suspended for three weeks, and expect me to…”
He flinched a little when he looked up at him. Fuller had a long jagged cut across his face and his left eye looked like a few more punches would have broken the socket. He caught Mike’s eye and the barman seemed to be trying to decide whether to call the police or let Cutter handle this. In the end, he offered him a rag from behind the bar and slouched off out of earshot.
Fuller's eyes darted towards the door like a trapped animal as he spoke, “I need you to protect me. The man whose been murdering these people has been staying with me for several months now. He’s also responsible for the fourth Hunter book and until tonight I thought his killings were something benign; a way to clean up the streets if you will. When I confronted him about Dan though he went crazy and tried to kill me in my apartment.”
“Slow down,” said Cutter as he took a pad of paper out of his pocket, “let me get some information first.” He wobbled a little on his stool as the alcohol settled over him like a cloud. The shots were beginning to catch up with him but he wanted to be sure he got everything down verbatim. If he could bring this information to his captain then they’d have to rescind his suspension. “Let's start with a name, who tried to kill you?”
Fuller took a deep breath before saying the last name that Cutter would have ever expected, “Glenn Hunter.”
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Bangladesh Bank sues RCBC, Bloomberry Resorts anew for 2016 bank heist

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 45%. (I'm a bot)
Bangladesh central bank filed a fresh case against Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Inc and 16 others before a New York State Court.
Bangladesh authorities have renewed their bid to recover $81 million lost in a bank heist four years ago, filing a fresh civil case against 17 Philippine entities last week, reports the CNN. Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, the company behind Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, told the Philippine Stock Exchange on Monday about the case.
The ruling on the previous case has been appealed by Bangladesh before the US Circuit Court of Appeals, Bloomberry said.
The cases stemmed from the February 2016 heist where thieves tapped into the system of the US Federal Reserve in New York and authorized multiple fund transfers from the Bangladesh Bank's account to a number of fake bank accounts under RCBC. The funds were wired during a long weekend, which left no time for regulators to block the transactions.
The case is the biggest money laundering incident involving the Philippines, which prompted lawmakers to require casinos to regularly report big-ticket and suspicious transactions to authorities.
Bloomberry previously said the Bangladesh Bank is relying on these court cases to collect the amount it supposedly lost to North Korean hackers.
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Entitled Uncle Claims Land From Native Americans (Long Post)

Hey all! I've been listening to Markee for a bit now, and already posted once on here but had to come back for more. I have quite a few entitled people stories and had originally planned to work my way up to some of my worse stories. Buuuut, I got a specific automated letter in the mail today that brought this whole sordid thing up, and made me irrevocably angry (as it always does). I figured, "hey, everyone likes a good story and let's be real, the nastier the better, right?" Right. TL;DR at the bottom, this is going to be a long one, so buckle up.
Part 1: Some History
To start, it's important to understand a little bit of my families history, specifically my mother's side. While there are a lot of entitled people on my dad's side, my mom's side was usually super chill. Grandma (her own brand of entitled, but not the main character of this story) was the eldest of three girls. Her parents were a white man and a part Native American woman (I always get lost here as grandma's story always changed, sometimes she said Great Grandma was half, sometimes she said quarter, it depended on her mood I guess). My grandma was proud of this fact, though she never lived with the tribe, didn't know their customs, and never passed on any if she did know happen to know any. She married Grandpa at some point and had three kids of her own. The eldest, we'll call William, was Grandpa's favorite probably because he was the eldest and a son. William was literally born in a barn, and was a preemie but was tough and pulled through, so another plus on why he was Grandpa's favorite. The middle child, we'll call Richard, for some reason he was Grandma's favorite. Why or how, no one knows, but he was. This is our illustrious, intrepid, "hero" for the day, you can see why I am calling him... Richard. And the last child was my mother, we'll be calling her Anne from now on to make things a little easier for me. With an 'e' because she does have red hair and can be imaginative when she wants (add in a huge helping of sarcasm and sass and that's my mother, though still as nice as can be and doesn't hate anyone). Anne was the youngest, the only girl, so you'd think she was spoiled but no. For some reason, her elder brothers always assumed she was, but she wasn't. None of that's important though, what's important to know is that of my two uncles on my mother's side, Richard is our focus.
Growing up, I got to see a lot of my dad's side of the family, though not all of them as there are a LOT. However, I didn't get to see my mom's side of the family very often. Most of Anne's aunts and cousins lived a couple hours from us so we'd visit them often (as one of her aunts and uncles were better parents to her then her own parents, but again, a story for another time). Anne's parents, my grandparents, lived two states away, William lived in the same state as them, while Richard lived on the opposite side of the country. This was fine by us because William wasn't a terrible uncle but his first wife was a bit of a nut case, so we really didn't want to associate with them. And Richard was, of course, entitled. Though, how entitled I don't think any of us could have guessed. He came to visit a few times, but I don't remember too many of the visits, only a couple. Anne didn't talk about her brothers terribly often, again they weren't necessarily the best brothers, especially Richard. I didn't quite understand when I was little, but as I grew up, here are some things I learned about Richard from Anne and my dad, or from the few times I met him:
These are just the big ones I can think of off the top of my head. So now that we have established how entitled and horrible Richard is, let's get into the reason why you're here.

Part 2: This Land (is my Land)
To set the stage a smidge, this started a couple years ago. My grandpa had passed one January due to his old age. My grandma had passed almost a year after him, probably from bitterness. Remember how before I mentioned my grandma was part Native American? You might have caught that I even, briefly, mentioned my grandma got a monthly stipend that wasn't retirement related?
Well, my grandmother never lived with her tribe, but her and her sisters were part of the tribe. If you don't know, different tribes have certain requirements to be part of it. Grandma's mother had enough Native blood that she was part of the tribe, and when she had her children she was able to have them be part of the tribe too. Apparently, at some point, grandma could have petitioned to get Anne and her siblings to be part of the tribe too, but she never bothered because she was her own brand of entitled (how proud were you really, grandma?). When you are part of the tribe, your name goes on the registry and you get a portion of the reservation's land. Great grandmother had a chunk of land I won't say how much, but it wasn't too much less from 100 acres, that was divided among her three daughters when she passed. The land the tribe owned made a lot of money for a long time selling materials to the US Government, I won't say what kind, but let's just say they were the radioactive kind. And more recently from a casino they built. When you're part of the tribe, even if you don't live with the tribe or on the reservation, you get a piece of the profits, I'm pretty sure in proportion to the amount of land you hold. My grandmother's monthly stipend was from this. When she died however, the money went back to the reservation and the tribe because none of her children were part of the tribe. It's also important to note that once all those who the land has been granted to have died, if there is nothing in their will over the land, it gets transferred back to the tribe. So with my grandmother gone, once her sisters go, if they don't will their portions of land to their children, the whole shebang goes back to the tribe.
Anne and William didn't mind. Anne liked knowing she was part Native American, but like the rest of her side of the family, they believed that, though they had the blood, they weren't really part of the tribe because they weren't raised in that culture and knew none of their customs. Richard of course, had a problem with this. Mostly because he's entitled and just wants things. But I think mostly because of one major reason, the great grandmother that was part Native American? Yea, it was Victoria. And we all know how Richard is about things that belonged to Victoria. We didn't hear about it at first because he knew William would shut him down, but apparently he petitioned with the tribe to allow the name to be transferred from my grandmother to the three of them. This could be allowed because, while my grandmother wasn't alive, her younger sisters were. So technically grandmother's land was still the family's. And because she had no will regarding the land itself, and there was nothing in the will that Richard supposedly had (as far as we know, of course) he could petition it and possibly receive a portion of the land. We ended up finding out because one of Anne's aunts had received a letter from the tribe about this and she was furious. The aunt asked me if I knew about it when I visited with my siblings. We did not. So, we told Anne, and Anne told William. Richard didn't push too hard after that, because when William found out he was angry. Richard backed down mostly and we thought that was the end of it.
Two years after my grandma died, a couple months after the anniversary of it, William had an accident on his property. I won't go into the details, even though there was an actual article written about it, that's a bit personal and not something I wish to discuss. William wasn't necessarily a good uncle, he wasn't necessarily a good brother either, but when my family needed help the most he was there for us in a way that a lot of our other family wasn't, and Anne and the rest of us well.... He wasn't a good uncle or brother, but for what he did, he was the best. At this point my mom had moved state and unfortunately couldn't make it to the scattering of his ashes, which my uncle's second wife wasn't going to hold off to give my mom time to make it. Also, Anne really didn't want to risk running into Richard, who had gone to the ceremony. My mom sent a lovely wreath instead and grieved the loss with us and we tearfully joked about "how long do you think Richard waited before asking William's second wife if he could store the boat on their property?" We then kind of dusted ourselves of Richard after that. When Anne had moved, she hadn't told either of her brother's where she moved too or that she had. Nothing against William, she just knew that if she'd told him, there was a chance he would have told Richard. And Richard liked to drop in unannounced sometimes. So we thought this was the last we were going to deal with him.
If you've gotten this far, you know that is very much not the case.
Not long after William died, Richard renewed his efforts to petition for the land. Everyone was pissed, but he'd only ever listened to his mother, who had passed, and only ever been cowed by William, who was now also out of the picture. This gave Richard free reign to do what he wanted. He petitioned, and because there was nothing in the will about the land the tribe agreed. There is a snag in his plan. They wouldn't give the whole portion of my grandmother's land to Richard, and he has no claim on his aunt's portions as they hate him for this whole situation. In order to get grandma's whole portion, the tribe would have to receive a written agreement to a handing over of the land to him from his two siblings. Well, William was dead, so the tribe said that the dead's right to the land stayed with the dead. And Anne wasn't about to give him the land. She couldn't stop him from getting what he wanted before, but this she could do. So now, William's estate, Anne, and Richard own a third of a third of less then 100 acres of tribal land. This is terrible. The entitled jerk won.
Want to know the silver lining? He can't build on it unless he has permission from the tribe, and even if he did get permission it's not a whole lot of land. A third of a third of less then 100 acres? Not a whole lot. What could be better? He can't will it to anyone, because he's not part of the tribe so has no claim over it aside from his mother's claim. He doesn't have children, but even if he did or were to suddenly have one, he couldn't keep the land in the family. Once he dies, it gets reverted back to family land, and once the last of those who actually own it or have been willed it dies, it goes back to the tribe. Wait, there's something even better? The land was given to him, but only the land was able to be "willed" to children. If you aren't on the registry for the tribe, you don't receive the monthly stipend. So all he has is empty land. I also hope as a sticking it to him, seeing as the land was never officially divided by my grandmother and her sister, that the tribe gave him land smack dab in the middle of the whole thing. That way, even if he got permission to build from the tribe, he'd have to get permission from the rest of the family if the build spilled over into any of their portions of land, which of course none of us would ever give.
The aftermath of the whole situation: most of us have started calling him A**hole and nothing else, his real name is no longer remembered in this household. Even my grandma's super religious sister and brother-in-law think it's hilarious we call him that and call him it too. Anne has nothing left to do with her brother, he doesn't know her new address so all her mail comes to me, including every couple of months a letter from the tribe stating the affairs of her land's "accounts" which is always zero. Anne's probably the only one that still calls him by name. She used to say "I know how you feel about Richard, but he's my brother, I have to love him" though slowly she began just saying "I know how you feel about him." If you think she has any love for him anymore? Don't worry, she doesn't. The last time we talked about him, after receiving the first letter from the tribe for her lands "accounts" I called her. She was exhausted and just done with this whole thing, I don't tell her when I receive another one now, just open it to make sure there's nothing to worry about, and then shred it. At one point I was ready to go into my normal spiel with her about how 'just because he's your brother by blood doesn't mean you have to love him' and I started with the phrase she usually said: "I know how you feel about him...." Her response? Before I could go further then that phrase, she says: "Yea, like he should have been the one to die in a horrible accident." The 'instead of William' part didn't need to be said. Oof.
TL;DR: Entitled Uncle thinks he's entitled to his mother's portion of Native American land, wins, but ostracizes himself from his whole family for all eternity.
Phew, that was long. I'm sorry about that. If you made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed the utter ridiculousness that is A**hole and felt the same utter loathing reading this as I felt living it.
Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day (or night).
Harley Out!

PS. If for some unfathomable reason A**hole is reading this? You know how I mentioned the whole yard sale knick knacks being passed as heirlooms? I don't know when my mother started doing this. Have fun trying to figure out what really belonged to Grandma Victoria you soggy, empty, trashbag.
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2019-20 Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) Season (V 3.0) (Coronavirus Edition)

Damn The Conference Finals (A.K.A. The Division Finals) Of The MPBL Got Suspended.It Both Conferences Was A Do Or Die Game 3 Makati Vs San Juan (Tied 1-1) And Davao Vs Basilan (Also 1-1) Yeah If You Win Game 3 And Your in The Finals).Which Is A Best of Five Series Updated All The Team Logos.Added The Mindoro Tamaraws Stadium Capacity.
BIGGEST UPSETS IN THE LEAGUE:2018 Anta Rajah Cup (Inaugural Season) (Where The 7th Seed Parañaque Patriots Won Against The 2nd Seed Bulacan Kuyas 2-1) (The Patriots Lost To The Muntinlupa Cagers 2-1),2018-19 Datu Cup (Another 7th Seed Won Again This Time The Quezon City Capitals (12-13) Won Against The Makati Super Crunch (21-4) Who Finished The Season on A 15 Game Winning Streak Through The Playoffs But Got Swept By The Capitals 2-0 (The Capitals Lost To The Eventual Champions San Juan Knights 2-0).
North Division 1Bataan Risers,Bulacan Kuyas,Rizal Golden Coolers,San Juan Knights,Manila Stars,Val City Carga Backload Solution,Caloocan Supremos,Makati Super Crunch,Pasay Voyagers,Pasig Realtors,Parañaque Patriots,Quezon City Capitals,Pampanga Giant Lanterns,Navotas Uni-Pak Sardines,Nueva Ecija Rice Vanguards And The Marikina Shoemasters
South Division Bacolod Master Sardines,Zamboanga Family's Brand Sardines,Batangas City Athletics,Bacoor City Strikers,Bicol Volcanoes,Basilan Steel,Cebu Casino Ethyl Alcohol,Davao Occidental Tigers,GenSan Warriors,Iloilo United Royals,Imus Bandera,Biñan City Luxxe White,Mindoro Tamaraws,Muntinlupa Cagers And The Sarangani Marlins
Story Of The League:
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MILitW, Conference Desk edition!

It's happening right now gang. I recently got transferred from my old job at the hotel to a position in the attached event center, with a desk and full time benefits because I'm a big kid now.
So one of our event planners came down and let us (me and Cool Coworker Deskbuddy) know she's doing a walkthrough with a young couple [Surname] looking at venue space. Nbd except we are packed and yeah, it's a bad time. Lots of people milling around, looking for their dinner venue/breakout session/IT services. Young couple comes down and introduces themselves as Husband To Be[Name 1, very common masculine name and Surname] and Wife To Be [Name 2, very lovely but less common feminine name]. She's beaming like she won the prize, he's lovestruck and goofy, it's adorable. They say Wife's parents are coming, is that ok. It is, though with my background, I'm already on Oh Shit alert. I've got a reputation for distrusting MILs, coworkers know why and have Janus's pic and background (to keep an eye out) so no one is surprised when I focus in. Down the escalator comes two of the happiest looking people ever. This is Bride's parents, mom looks like a dumpy version of Madge Carrigan, the female Yule God from Supernatural's "A Very Supernatural Christmas," and dad is a handsketch of an old Midwest oil field worker, and both are beaming. Megawatt smiles. Bride goes for the hugs, Groom gives a hug to bride's mom and what is visible a Very Manly Handshake for Bride's Dad. Planner introduces herself, and off they go. (Checking out two of the big venues.... someone's dropping $$$ on this wedding.)
I've dropped from DEFCON but still gotta be alert because of Big Event ongoing and I see two people come down escalator within 10minutes of couple going on their tour. They're looking around scanning the masses, but y'all.... If the other lady looked like a man-eating Pagan god, this lady felt like one. She and her hubs are both a whirling Scylla-esque vortex of CBF. Scowling like it's the only thing holding them up. Scowling like they need it to survive. They're noses couldn't curl up any further if they wired them back like Lon Chaney in the Phantom of the Opera. They start to walk over to our desk, but then sit at some nearby chaise lounges. They keep scoping the room then snarl-whispering at each other. Finally she gets up and comes over. Now, any of you that are attached to hotels and casinos know - you do not give out guest or visitor info, PERIOD. So when she walks up, I go through my lines....
Crow: "Hello and welcome to [name], how can i help you?😃"
MILitW: "YES my name is [hag] and I am here to walk the event space with my SON, [GROOM] and his girl." (bold for where she emphasized)
Crow: "I apologize, ma'am, but I cannot give out any information about potential guests without notification from that guest."
MILitW: (disgruntled heave of air) "What about [Bride]?"
Now, you need to understand.... I'm a troll. I'm a mean spirited, spiteful, petty, snarky shithead troll. I live for causing asshole's grief. It's one of my true passions. So, totally straight faced, Crow: "I'm sorry, I don't understand."
MILitW: "is [Bride] here?!"
Crow: "I am the Event Center Concierge, ma'am, I don't handle check in."
MILitW: "but is she here?!"
Crow: "Presently we have over x000 guests on site with many more due to check in, if you are looking for someone in specific perhaps you should phone them."
MILitW: "She's not STAYING, she's dragging my SON to damnation and won't let him answer calls from his PARENTS."
Crow: "Oh, wow."
MILitW: ('long pause) "...... ......SO CAN YOU CALL HIM?!" Her eyes were BUGGING OUT.
Crow: "i don't have their mobile number, ma'am."
MILitW: "So they are here!!"
Crow: "I did not say that, I said you should call them. You told me to call them, but i dont have their numbers. "
It is at this point coworker takes our walkie talkie and slides into our supervisor's office. I can't hear what's going on, but I know protocol- surveillance, security, and source, meaning we now have our cameras trained, a security guard on the way, and the planner is notified of the problem. I'm still shining my Southern smarm at this bitch. She's shaking and FIL(in the wild?) has walked over. I'm having the best time of my frustrating day. Planner comes down escalator, unaccompanied, holding her folders, walks over and politely nods to the ILs from the Wild, hands me a manila envelope and then walks off. I keep my eyes, and smile, on MIL, but thank planner and check folder contents.
"They are not supposed to be here. Security coming."
Yeah, thanks planner. I figured that out. I keep running interference.
Crow: "Ma'am, if you can't what you need, I can't help you any further. I can't and won't disclose any further information about potential guests, and you've not been forthcoming about your further needs."
MILitW: "I am going on a venue tour and if I have to find them myself I WILL."
Now, this is a problem. Our event space is a large exaggerated circle. These people could reasonable find Bride and Groom easily if they haven't been smuggled into a room. So, change tactics. Little miss helpful time.
Crow: "Oh well I can let you use my phone if you'd like!"
Full stop, sudden attempt at a rigor grin.
MILitW: " Oh yes!" and starts to reach OVER MY DESK and grabs at my personal cell phone.
Crow: "NO." (Slams hand over phone, pushing MILs hand out of the way)
FILitW: "Now wait just a Minute!" MILitW: "how DARE YOU?!"
Crow: v serious hate face now, "that is my private property. You can clearly see a (resort name) phone next to it. You do not touch other people's things without permission."
The entitled bitch face. It was real.
Crow: " Now what was that number?"
She seems mega pissed but fessed up number. Unfortunately it's local so I can't tell her I can't call it or charge her. It starts ringing over speaker, and she lunges for it but again, your Crow is a wise old bird and snaps up the phone.
Groom answers, sounding wary, I give my very professional greeting, and then say "i am calling in regards to a guest question. There is a woman-"
Crow: "here who is inquiring about a scheduled event and I am-"
Groom: "FUCK THIS." (dead line)
(insert Stitch "ooooh")
Crow: "I'm sorry ma'am the line had died."
Before she can respond, here comes Groom, Bride, Good In Laws, and Planner. Groom looks like he's gonna kick some ass, Bride looks ... my heart died a bit. She looked so scared and heartbroken and just sad. Little angry. MIL goes as red as her boxed dye hair and explodes. Can't make it all out but Groom shouts it down while Good Parents try to shield Bride. MILitW is calling her everything... whore, white trash, "methy bitch", gold digger, slut, hell she even ends up throwing Good Mom in there making comments about "just like your whore mother" and so on while the two Fathers are squaring up when up comes three security guards, and a badge wearing State Gaming Commission officer.
Good in Laws start backing down, Groom is in FILitW's face when I hear "This is why I don't FUCKING LOVE YOU. You are the worst most miserable assholes in the fucking WORLD." For how busy we were, you could hear a pin drop. The MILitW busts into sobs as Groom snaps, "this is why I have a damned restraining order!" and that's all our guys need to hear. The Asshole In Laws were loaded into a police car as I started this post, and are now probably being booked or something because we are really close to a police station. Bride looks broken though, and Groom is in a bit of trouble for screaming curse words in our family friendly establishment, but I can see the planner working on her laptop to try and make this event happen. We brought them a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and gave them a dining comp for their troubles. They're headed down to eat now.
Holy hell, yall.... my coworker is applauding my spidey sense/paranoia for calling that so quick.
And now I finish the remaining 2 hours of my 10 hr shift....
Edited: Omg Reddit Gold for my bitchy ass snark??? I love you guys so much, you do not know what this means to me! I feel very validated in my choices, I certainly didn't get involved for the points, but because 1. It was the right thing to do, both ethically and morally, and 2. I'm mean to MILs because no one helped me stand up to my own MIL.
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"No can really be safe nowadays..." - Senator Trillanes AMA for the lazy.

He's one of us. Human, after all.

Ligther side

redkinoko: On a lighter note, are hotels are still wary of you every time you book a room, after the whole Manila Pen thing?
TrillanesSonny: Haha. Hindi naman. Good client naman din kame since then : )
sadgaygirl: What are your dreams for your children?
TrillanesSonny: As a parent, I just want them to be kind and generous adults later on. As to their career path and love life, I just let them choose freely and then support their decision. I advise them from time to time when they ask for it.
Miamiheatfan4life: Senator pano po ba manligaw ng babae ?
TrillanesSonny: Pasensiya na, nakalimutan ko na. Its been a while. hehe.
LebronToWarriors: Senator what are your tips for a job interview ?
TrillanesSonny: Try not to be cocky and a know-it-all. A little humility can go a long way. It also helps if you dress up neatly.
tangina_nyo: Hello Senator, paano po magkaroon ng balls of steel na katulad ng sayo?
Sagot: maging fatalist ka.
silversoul: Hi, Senator. Taking this time to thank you for standing up for ideals and beliefs even if it means being in the minority.
So, my question is...Who is your favorite superhero?
TrillanesSonny: Thank you for your support. :) As to my favorite superhero, growing up, when I was still in grade school, I had a collection of Marvel comics of The Thing. Now, si Captain America kasi medyo hawig? Joke lang. Hehe!
On being pressed to answer kung sino ang pinaka cringe inducing politician, and divulge tidbits about these pols.
TrillanesSonny: Pwedeng pass muna ulit? Hehe. Sa meet-up na lang.
Good afternoon Senator, is your mother strict when it comes to drinking your milk when you were still young?
TrillanesSonny: Not really. But I was the one craving for it. Particularly, fresh milk.
mocha_utong: Senator, paano po ba mag move on pag may mahal na siyang iba?
TrillanesSonny: Inom ng konti tapos ligaw na ulet. hehe. =)

The big issues

1. What the opposition is doing and why they failed in getting their message across to the people.
I totally agree with your assessment that the opposition has met serious challenges in delivering its message to the people. There are some factors that caused this. One, duterte came in as one of the most popular presidents in history hence, early on the message of the opposition has been met with doubt and resistance by his popular base. Two, the propaganda machine of duterte is very effective. Three, culturally, the Filipino people are very patient and resilient that's why they don't tend to complain and rather just grin and bear it. But having said this, after two years, the political landscape has change drastically and I can honestly say that the majority of the Filipino people have seen the light. Mas nakaka penetrate na ngayon ang mga mensahe ng oposisyon.
Unknown to the public, the Opposition has consolidated and united its ranks the past few months. This new united opposition is led by Vice President Leni Robredo. We are also busy preparing for contingency scenarios like the declaration of nationwide Martial Law and railroading of the Charter Change/Federalism to make sure that we would be able to effectively counter these devious duterte plans.
ALSO this:
I am in favor of VP Robredo leading and being a focal point of the opposition at the same time. Why? Because the opposition needs to unite under one acceptable and recognized leader and that is VP Leni Robredo.
He also said Leni was competent and has the mandate as VP.
2. CPD question
This one is admittedly tricky. The CPD requirements are seen as unnecessary and a needless burden for professionals.
Trillanes explains that this was not unnecessary, and is actually a requirement laid down by other ASEAN countries. Keep up with the requirements and you would not have any problems working your profession in other ASEAN countries. As well as making Filipino professionals more globally competitive.
Trillanes assured that help is on the way.
I totally sympathize with our professionals as they go through the growing pains of this new CPD law. My office has already conducted 3 public hearings to address some concerns and has been closely working with the PRC to make the CPD programs affordable and accessible to them. We have gained headway in providing free CPD programs for public school teachers and nurses as both the DepEd and DOH are mandated to be CPD providers. We were also able to reduce the required CPD units for certain professions. Moreover, we are pressing the PRC to provide online courses to do away with the costly sit-in programs.
3. Federalism
Trillanes says no to changing the form of government to Federalism.
I am against the proposed shift to Federalism as a form of government. As a student of public policy, I have studied the different forms of government, and I believe we have yet to properly operate the current Presidential-Unitary form of government that we have. But aside from this, I oppose federalism due to the following reasons:
  1. At present, we have no sense of nationalism. This might further worsen once we divide the country into federated states.
  2. Political warlordism will become more pronounced. Imagine the political dynasties ruling in our country today. Now, if federalism would be implemented, these dynasties and warlords would become more powerful and more untouchable since they would be the same ones who would rule these states. Just a thought, sinu-sino sa tingin nyo ang magiging governor ng bawat federated state?
  3. On the economic side, this would a burden to our countrymen. Because aside from the federal tax imposed by the National government, the federated states will impose state taxes in order to support its state government.
4. Same sex marriage and divorce law
Rather than making excuses and posturing, Trillanes went the honest route and told Redditors that he didn't know much about the issue to make an informed decision.
5. Don't lose hope.
thatmrphdude: What can you say to Filipinos that are just sick and tired of all the headlines showing nowadays. It's just depressing. I feel really hopeless for this country.
TrillanesSonny: Don't lose hope. The political tide is actually turning. Soon, matatapos din ang malagim na yugto na ito ng ating kasaysayan.
Also this:
The past two years have been difficult for our country but our people are beginning to see the light. We have gained a lot of headway and I can honestly say that we are now winning the war. As our history shows, ultimately, the goodness, decency, courage and collective wisdom of the Filipino people will prevail.
And this:
moonwlkr67: Good afternoon, Sen Trillanes. It's my first time to participate in an AMA in Reddit. Gusto ko pong magpasalamat for soldiering on during these trying times in democratic republic. Pangalawa po, gusto kong itanong kung ano ang sa tingin nyo ang magiging "tipping point" para manaig ang pagka-makabayan ng mga Filipino higit sa pagka-partisan. Salamat po, and more power! :)
TrillanesSonny: Salamat din sayo. The tipping point would probably be kapag nagdeclare si duterte ng nationwide Martial Law or Revgov or pagka sinagasa nila ang Charter Change/Federalism kahit hindi isama ang Senado.
6. What he'd change in the Constitution
anobaate: If you could change a part of the constitution what would it be?
TrillanesSonny: The removal of the provision subjecting the AFP officers with the Commission on Appointments. This practice has rendered these officers vulnerable to politicization by hostaging their confirmation. I would rather have only the most senior officials be subjected to the process of the CA.
7. On Duterte
aivpt: Will Duterte ever commit an act so despicable that even his supporters give up defending him? What do you think will this act be?
TrillanesSonny: I believe he has already committed several despicable acts that chipped away at his support base, such as: pagmura kay Pope, the EJKs, pag-impose ng high taxes, paghalik sa OFW in South Korea, anti-tambay directive, and his attacks on God and the Christian faith. Every duterte supporter has threshold that depends on his level of fanaticism. Some, as early as nung minura si Pope, humiwalay na. But the most na bawas na suporta sa kanya is with his anti-God statements. Those who are still with him by this time would probably not leave him until sila mismo ang mabiktima.
Also this:
TrillanesSonny: Duterte remaining as president is the most alarming issue. He is killing our people; mismanaging the economy; messing-up our foreign policy; destroying the moral fabric of our society; and he is destroying our democratic institutions.
8. On Boracay
The Boracay closure is totally unnecessary. The problems caused by the illegally-placed sewage lines can be fixed even without closing the island. Until now, the government has yet to present a comprehensive rehabilitation plan which showed their incompetence and unpreparedness for this abrupt closure. More importantly, this is totally unfair to the thousands of displaced workers in the island. Personally, I believe this is another classic duterte shakedown so his business interests are pursued and protected. Aside from the casinos, there are reports right now that duterte's davao group are land grabbing in boracay in the guise of demolition for having questionable ownership documents. This is similar to what he did to Ongpin's philweb and the mining sector

Other stuff

  • Case against Mocha is still pending with the Ombudsman. sThinking Penoy will be arraigned on August 15. Less than one month na lang, TP...
  • His sense of duty motivates himo to go to work, maski ang sakitsakit na....
  • He thinks Bong Go will run for senate despite his denials. And sadly, there is nothing we could do to get rid of his tarps and campaign materials. Pinagtawanan din nila si Bong Go nung hinamon siya magsaksakan ng ballpen.
  • He would still be an active member of the AFP if the Oakwood mutiny did not happen.
  • Regarding the Province of China tarps: "It's clearly a prank by some sectors opposing duterte's foreign policy as regards China. But I'm surprised by the negative reaction of the duterte admin about it when in fact it was duterte himself who said this on national tv."
  • On personal safety: "Thank you for your concern. No can really be safe nowadays but we do our best to provide for my physical security."
  • The people he trusts in government: VP Leni Robredo, Minority Senators Drilon, Pangilinan, Aquino, Hontiveros and De Lima, Sen. Grace Poe. Some of them ay nakilala ko on a personal level, some of them ay consistent at aligned doon sa mga ipinaglalaban ko.
  • He thinks that public support for Duterte has waned. "I don't normally read troll comments so I'm not that affected. But, we use the negative comments from legit netizens as a gauge for the social media pulse. And with this, I can actually say that Duterte's support in social media has waned drastically the past few months."
  • On why he sees himself as a fatalist: "There was this series of life-changing incidents that happened to me when I was 18 years old and a graduating student in DLSU. It made me believe in the primacy of God's will."
  • Corruption in the AFP has significantly decreased since 2003. However, lately, we have been getting complaints from AFP officers about corruption involving the modernization funds of AFP.
  • On the Lumad issue: I'll ask my staff to check on this. I am against the militarization of the Lumads in the same vein that i am against their infiltration by the NPAs. The Lumads should be allowed to live without any external influence.
  • On the Bonifacio Day ouster rumor (throow12: Few days before the Manila Pen, I heard of a rumor that a GMA ouster was brewing up and it will happen in Bonifacio day, a few weeks after your "walk-out" in court, I heard that your actions supposedly pre-empted that ouster. Do you have previous knowledge of that supposed Bonifacio day action and one of your primary reasons for the walkout?): That's not true. May mga nafa-fundraising lang na gagalaw kuno pero hindi naman. Kilala ko yung mga nagpe-peddle ng information na ganyan.
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resorts world trip report

Outside of hypermarket, I flagged a cab.
"Resorts world", I told him.
"250" he replied. Usually, you can get taxis to go by the meter, which is dirt cheap. A cab to resorts world costs around 120 pesos or $2.40 in freedom bucks. Sometimes the cabbies try to hold you up for more money. Considering the bitter heat of the Manila sun and the endemic gridlock that suffocated the metropolis during the midday I wasn't exactly in a position to argue. We took the skyway; I paid the toll.
I arrived at the casino and immediately got seated at a newly opened 50/100 game (equivalent to $1/$2), exchanging four crips 1,000 peso notes fresh from the ATM for some chips. When the first pot went limped eight ways, I realized there was something special about my table. I ordered coffee from the waitress and waited patiently. What was that they say about NLHE? Two hours of boredom followed by two minutes of sheer exhilaration and excitement. It didn't take long to get into action.
After four or five folds, I picked up two red queens. It was straddled to 200 and limped in front of me. A pot size raise would be to 950, so I moved out small tower of black, raising to 1000. The straddler called, and the original limper jammed all in. He had previously been caught on in a 2k river bluff (after raising a field of limpers with QJo), so I wasn't shy about risking my towering 38.5 bb stack on the third best hand in NLHE. We turned our cards over. It was the absolute best case scenario possible; he flipped over QJ. Sadly four spades on the board gave him the winning hand.
Inwardly I seethed. Losing as a 9:1 favourite is never easy, especially when you are taking a shot at a higher limit. I've got thirty min buys in my bankroll and I need every single one of them. But freaking out wouldn't do me any good, so I took a few deep breaths, smiled at my opponent while he dragged the pot and reminded myself that poker is a game of variance and if it weren't for bad beats there wouldn't be a game. Chips!
I bought another 4000, but lost 600 more after I raised a straddle again from EP/MP with AQo and bricked the flop, which we took four ways. Another 600 went down the drain after I opened AJ into 6 or 7 players over a straddle and got three bet by a conservative player who I had played with before. I had only 2600 after I opened, and there was 2k dead, but I figured my opponent had AK/QQ+, which would make me a 3:1 dog and I'm getting just under 2:1. So I folded, and rebought another 1000. Then my luck turned around.
I open limped KQo with six players still to act, figuring I could entice people with dominated hands into the pot, and we saw the flop 7 way. The flop came K53, and I bet 300. My opponent put out 500, which the dealer corrected to a minraise, one of the whales took two to the face, and I called the minraise getting 6 or 7:1. The turn was a king. I checked, and my opponent bet 2k. I didn't have much more than 2k left, maybe 2600 or so, so I jammed. He called, and turned out 53, now drawing dead. I had achieved a full double.
Then I picked up AKhh in bb. It was limped, and there was a small raise, which I called. Three to the flop 1k in the middle. The flop was JTx with one heart, PFR bets 300 into 1k, I peel, other guy folds. Turn is a low heart, x/x, river is a king c/c. MHIG vs AT.
Then, I pick up AQdd and open to 300 after a guy buys the button. We see the flop 3 way, 950 in the pot. The flop comes AQ6. I bet 700, and get minraised to 1400. Button buyer folds. 66 would make a lot of sense, but for 100 bbs I'm not going to let top two go. I reraise to 4200, and villain calls. Turn is a brick, I jam, and villain calls. When I table my hand he curses tersely, alleviating any fear that he might have the dreaded 666. I offer to run it twice against his AK but he declines, and my hand holds up. "Deal me out".
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Best and the worst areas for parking in Metro Manila?

Parking has been a perennial problem here in Manila. There are no good places really, just the lesser evils. But which commercial areas (where people congergate) are the best to bring a car?
BEST: Bay Area (CCP to MOA to the Casinos in Bay City) - The wide spaces are a godsend for motorists, relatively speaking for now.
WORST: Greenhills - Ever since the 90s, landing a parking space here is something like winning a Bingo game. The convulted lanes are an absolute nightmare.
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Why I'm Not Afraid to FIRE Abroad in The Philippines and Live Like a King

For many British, Australians and Americans, retirement time is just around the corner. At home, with low interest rates and high cost of living, the prospect of trying to live on a pension, in old age, is a daunting one unless you are prepared to substantially downscale your lifestyle.
For some, moving to retire in another country is an option which has been successful in the past with Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Puerto Rico being among some of the more popular destinations. But why not consider retiring in the Philippines?

The Case for Retiring in a Developing Country

Over the past decade, the Philippines has become a retirement haven for thousands of foreigners, particularly the Japanese, Korean, and Northern Europeans.
Along with Thailand and Malaysia, the Philippines developed communications, infrastructure, and service delivery systems specifically geared to meet the needs of foreign retirees. Better yet, unlike most European Countries and South America, nearly everyone speaks ENGLISH in the Philippines.
The Philippines offers a significantly lower cost of living. The Philippine Peso (PhP) exchange rate is approximately PhP 45 to $ 1.00 or PhP 92 to 1 Pound [Sterling (GBP)]. Housing, food, and labor costs are quite reasonable.
A One bedroom condominium can be purchased for around $ 72,000 or GBP 37,000 or a Studio for only $ 45,000 or GBP 22,800 and one can dine out on average at a three star restaurant for less than PhP 500.
If you hire domestic help, a private driver’s salary is approximately PhP 10,000/month, while trained housekeepers earn approximately -PhP 5,000/month. These salaries are lower if you live in the provinces.

Same Comforts as You’d Find Anywhere

Cable Television, Hi-Speed Internet and Satellite Communications are cheap. One can hire an air-conditioned taxicab for eight hours for less than $25.00. In a country where a provincial Governor’s salary is only PhP 28,000 per month, and a Presidential Cabinet Under-Secretary earns PhP 35,000, retiring abroad makes mathematical sense.
So, if you have a retirement income of approximately $1,500 to $2,000 per month ( PhP 80,000 to 100,000) you can live quite well in the Philippines.

Healthcare Expenses

As for health care, most U.S. Health Management Organizations pay for medical expenses incurred in the Philippines. Check with your HMO. The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs presently has a task force headed by former Secretary Roberto Romulo working to have the U.S. government accredit a number of first class Philippine hospitals for Medicare reimbursement.
The Makati Medical Center, one of the nation’s best already has such accreditation.
Unbeknown to many is that for years, citizens of nearby countries such as Thailand, Nauru, Tonga, Indonesia, and Malaysia have flocked to the Philippines for medical care, particularly sensitive surgical procedures.
The quality of medical care at the better Manila hospitals such as the Asian, St. Luke’s, Medical city, Cardinal Santos, Philippine Heart Center for Asia, National Kidney Institute, and Makati Medical Center meets international standards.
A Japanese company is building a medical facility in Tagaytay city exclusively for Japanese nationals within the year. There are now close to 10,000 Japanese retirees in the country, and the number is growing annually. The British government recently acquired a large tract of land in Fort Bonifacio to build a new Embassy.
The British ambassador explained the larger facility is meant to help serve the growing number of British nationals retiring there as well. Japanese and Korean investment groups are buying homes and condominiums in Manila, and tracts of provincial land for retirees. This has caused a mini- Real Estate boom in the country. A retirement village exclusively for Japanese nationals already exists in Tagaytay, and more are planned. These are strong indicators of what is on the horizon


English is the Philippines’ official business language. Most of the people you will meet, from hotel workers, taxi drivers, sales or service people, government employeesa all speak English, or have a working understanding of it. The middle class speak English, without exception. All major newspapers, and major broadcast companies use English. An English speaking visitor will never get lost in the Philippines.
It is the universal use of that language that has been a strong incentive to foreigners. As well, communications links within the country and to other countries via the various commercial gateways is up to international standards. For example, the use of cell phones and text messaging is so common that housemaids, street vendors and food hawkers can be seen using their cellphones incessantly.


One will never want for adventure and sights to experience in the Philippines. There is always a colorful Fiesta, pageants, street festivals, and open public events going on. Lush with bountiful natural resources, one can enjoy the numerous beaches, resorts, golf courses, and play just about any sport, except skiing.
There is an ice skating rink in Manila, though. Scuba diving and fishing are among the sports which draw the most number of foreigners to the rich aquatic offerings.
Shopping is the Filipinos’ second most popular activity, the first is eating. Manila is Asia’s undiscovered shopping Mecca. You will love the golden purple sunsets, the fragrance of the flowers at dusk, and the wonderful array of fruit and food. I used to enjoy watching the Sun set from the bar at the Philippine Cultural Center.
There, you can listen to the Symphony, check out a play, or enjoy Grand Opera. There is just so much to explore and discover, specially in terms of nature, culture, and history. If you’re a betting man, there’s horse racing, the Jai Alai, numerous first class casinos, and of course, cok-fighting. Manila is well known for its exciting night life.
.... To avoid wall of text read more at:
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Bato, parang tsismosa lang sa kanto.

One of the most frustrating things about the Resorts World Incident is that officials have not been inspiring confidence in their credibility. There are people who come up with conspiracy theories, there are those who doubt if it was really a robbery, and there are those who might be believing the truth presented on media by the government, but still have a lot of questions on their minds. But who could blame them, when the very officials who handled the incident have very different views of what happened as well as experts on the matter having different opinions as well.
Round 1: Is it a terror attack? BatodelaRosa vs. SITE
Round 2: Sure na hindi ISIS? BatodelaRosa vs. Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenza (who said we cannot rule ISIS hand in the attack yet)
Round 3: Sure na hindi ISIS? BatodelaRosa vs. Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez (who said he disagrees with Bato's lone wolf assessment" and insists it's a terror attack similar to what has been seen in other countries.
Round 4: What is terror? BatodelaRosa (hindi terorista kasi hindi naman niya binabaril yung mga tao) vs. terror analyst Sidney Jones (who said that terror is a form of violence that aims to influence an audience...and can still sow fear in those who identifies with the victims, even without the use of gunfire)
Round 5: What is terror? BatodelaRosa (hindi terror yun kasi pataas yung baril) vs. Raffy Alunan (who said that a "hallmark" of a terrorist attack is having a venue that has "high human traffic" and is "frequented by foreigners.")
Round 6: The death of the shooter. BatodelaRosa (nanlaban, kaya pinatay) vs. Abella and Albayalde (suicide)
Round 7: Hotel security guard accidentally shot himself. BatodelaRosa vs. RWM COO Stephen Reilly
Round 8: Robbery? BatodelaRosa vs. Raffy Alunan (who expressed shock at the conclusion, and said that the shooter's actions were not the footprints of a thief)

Bato vs. the Truth

Sige fine. Siguro difference in opinion lang talaga. Baka nga naman may access si Bato sa information and intelligence reports na confidential at hindi natin alam. But what about the PNP Chief's pronouncements that were later proven to be false?
Bato: Foreigner, Caucasian ang suspect.
Truth: Jessie Javier Carlos is a Filipino
Bato: Naka private car sya. We are looking for his car.
Truth: He came in a taxi.
Bato: Claimed that the gunman was killed after resisting arrest
Truth: It was the security personnel of RWM who wounded the suspect
Bato: Lahat ng empleyado at guests ng Resorts World ay na-evacuate.
Truth: Close to 40 people died.
Bato: Yung security guard ng RWM, nabaril sarili niya...
Truth: Stephen Reilly denied the report of Philippine National Police Ronald dela Rosa that a security guard of the casino accidentally shot himself.
BONUS: From John Nery, May 2, 2017
No chief of the Philippine National Police has brought as much disgrace and discredit to the institution he heads as Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, a likeable enough police officer promoted beyond his capacity and competence. His chief claim to fame was his total support for the presidential candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, whom he worked with closely when he was Davao City police chief; the main reason he remains head of the country’s 170,000 police officers is the President’s complete trust in him.
In what way has Dela Rosa been detrimental to the long-term interest of the PNP?
First, he has trivialized his office. Dela Rosa is the first PNP chief to allow a police mascot to be made in his likeness; he has not only encouraged the use of the “Bato” mascot, distinguished by its bald head, but also revels in it. This is quite literally a caricature of the enormous responsibility the national police chief must discharge—especially if one were to believe the administration propaganda about the severity of the illegal drugs problem. But the mascot is perfectly representative of Dela Rosa’s approach to law enforcement: cut a high media profile, and then hope for the best.
Alvarez’s cutting comments last January attacked this aspect of Dela Rosa’s time in office: He seems, the Speaker wrote, to be more “interested in having a show biz career and in landing on society pages of newspapers with his being everywhere doing mundane things like singing videoke and watching concerts.” This celebrity-seeking orientation is demoralizing to the ordinary policeman, who must contend with more and more questions about the role of the PNP in the bloody war on drugs, which mostly claims the lives of the poor.
Second, he has politicized the office. Dela Rosa must have been the first PNP chief to respond to questions from senators inquiring into police matters according to their political affiliation; unctuous toward administration allies, passive-aggressive toward opposition lawmakers. This is unprofessional conduct that has consequences down the line. But beyond this, there is also the widely shared perception, discussed by politician and policeman alike, that following his initial burst of popularity he is preparing for a Senate run.
I understand Alvarez’s warning then, that Dela Rosa “buckle down to work or better yet give the job to someone else who is dead serious in leading the PNP,” as a shot across the bow of the PNP chief’s political ambitions.
Third, he has failed to exercise true leadership, and because of his failure, the PNP has created subcultures of impunity. These have allowed the PNP’s own illegal drugs task force to murder the likes of Jee Ick-joo, and the Manila police to host a legalized kidnap-for-ransom business. Dela Rosa’s preferred mode of interaction with the men and women of the PNP, the blustery speech, has no real impact. As Alvarez said last January: “The commission of a heinous crime right [under] his very nose is not only an insult but [also] a clear indication that he has lost the respect of his people.”

And now we have a fourth, shooting off his mouth whenever he sees media reporters and TV cameras.

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What's happening around town (Wed, Jul 31st - Tue, Aug 6th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, Jul 31st

  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • 😂 BT (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 3rd
  • 🍴 Dope Poetry Night (ICE Event Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Wednesday night at the Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill located at the heart of Oklahoma City! Sign ups begin at 7pm and show begins at 7:30pmish. Free Admission! Free vendor set up! Bar Restaurant
  • Fit For A King in Concert (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Rock out as Fit For A King raises their battle cry and special guests Norma Jean, Currents, and Left Behind shred the…
  • Kids Take Over The Cowboy – Daily Fun for Kids (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am There’s never a bad time to bring your kids to The Cowboy, but July is especially packed with activities that will keep your little ones busy for hours while keeping everyone in the cool indoors. Kids-Only Secret Messages Exploring the Museum has never been more fun! Each kid gets a decoder spy glass which will allow them to “decode”…
  • Prix de West Art Show & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Aug 5th The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host its prestigious Prix de West Art Show & Sale, showcasing…
  • SINGO Wednesdays (Lower Bricktown - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Beat the midweek hump with the new bar game that everyone is talking about! SINGO is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music. Enjoy 1/2 price domestic drafts & discounted appetizers! Plus we will be giving prizes each night to the winners.…
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Aug 2nd Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Weekly Trivia Night (Othello's of Norman - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Weekly Walkups: Reading Wednesdays (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Weekly Walkups June 24 – August 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – Noon Children’s Garden Porch Drop-in activities; $2 suggested donation per child Come to the Children’s Garden for some fun activities that explore the world of plants. Groups of 10 or more please contact Lily Christman, at 405-445-5162, for more information about group…

Thursday, Aug 1st

  • $13 Thursdays (Andy Alligator's Fun Park & Water Park - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Craving fun? We’ve got you covered! Tickets to Andy Alligator’s Water Park are just $13 per person on Thursdays for a limited time. Save up to $7 per person and cool off with a family fun trip to the Water Park!
    Tickets must be purchased at the park. Not available online.
  • Advancing the Pencil Portrait, Part I (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🎭 All Shook Up (The Sooner Theatre - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm
  • American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 10th Head to the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City for the exciting American Quarter Horse Youth Association World…
  • 😂 BT (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 3rd
  • Bush & +LIVE+ - The Altimate Tour (Zoo Amphitheatre - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • House Plants, Elderly Smackdown & Roger Jaeger (Red Brick Bar - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Libera Boys' Choir Concert (First Baptist Church - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm The magical sounds of Libera enchant audiences across the world – from Moscow to Manila, from Westminster to Washington, from Tokyo to Toronto, from Shanghai to Singapore. The boys’ distinctive white robes recall Libera’s traditional origins, yet their music – which is at once both ancient and modern – reaches across the generations to…
  • Prix de West Art Show & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Aug 5th The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host its prestigious Prix de West Art Show & Sale, showcasing…
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Weekly Walkups: Think Green Thursdays (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Weekly Walkups June 24 – August 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – Noon Children’s Garden Porch Drop-in activities; $2 suggested donation per child Come to the Children’s Garden for some fun activities that explore the world of plants. Groups of 10 or more please contact Lily Christman, at 405-445-5162, for more information about group…

Friday, Aug 2nd

  • 🎭 All Shook Up (The Sooner Theatre - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 7:30pm
  • All Shook Up (matinee) (The Sooner Theatre - Norman) Start Time: 2:00pm
  • American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 10th Head to the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City for the exciting American Quarter Horse Youth Association World…
  • 😂 BT (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • 🎨 Central Oklahoma Native American Art Sale (Cleveland County Fairgrounds - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Dealers and artists will have historic and new Native American artworks available. Artwork includes Navajo rugs, old pawn silver, Choctaw baskets, Kiowa paintings, Guna molas, vintage Southwestern pottery, Native American dance shawls, Southern Plains German silver, Alaska Native dolls, rare Native art books, turquoise and coral jewelry, and…
  • DelQuest Committee Meeting (Don's Alley - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am
  • Family Fridays (Charles J. Johnson Central Park - Midwest City) Start Time: 7:00pm Join us at Charles J. Johnson Central Park in Town Center Plaza this summer for Family Fridays: Rhythm and Flicks! This FREE family event will bring...
  • Yukon FFA IPRA Rodeo (Canadian County Cowboy Church - Yukon) Day 1 of 2 If you love rodeos and feel like having a fun, exciting time, head to Yukon for the Yukon FFA IPRA-sanctioned rodeo held at…
  • First Friday Gallery Walk (Paseo Arts District - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm The First Friday Gallery Walk in the Paseo Arts District occurs on the first Friday of every month. Friday night visitors…
  • Fountains (The Fountains at Canterbury - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Vendors selling many items: crafts, jewelry, clothing, baked goods.
  • 🎓 Free Zumba (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • 🎨 Girls Club Art Show, v. 2.0 Opening Reception (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Please join us for the second installment of Girls Club Art Show – v. 2.0, opening August 2nd at The Art Hall. This year, “The Club” features new work by a dynamic group of female artists from the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area.
    Featured Artists:
    Adrienne Wright Faye Miller Emma Difani Erica Danley Heidi Ghassempour Virginia Anne Sitzes …
  • Koe Wetzel (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Koe Wetzel and his country group head to The Criterion in Oklahoma City for an energetic show. Hear this…
  • 🎭 The Last Five Years (The Depot - Norman) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm Join us for Oklahoma Ensemble Theatre's inaugural production, The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown. An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show's unconventional structure consists of Cathy, the woman, telling her story backwards…
  • Prix de West Art Show & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Aug 5th The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host its prestigious Prix de West Art Show & Sale, showcasing…
  • 🎭 The Return of The Golden Girls (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Tuttle Rodeo (Schrock Park - Tuttle) Day 1 of 2 Join the citizens of Tuttle for two evenings of rodeo thrills and excitement. This family-friendly event will include a…
  • 🎨 Summer Signature Tour (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Support Art In Our Schools Exhibition and Supply Drive (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Teen Harry Potter Night (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🎨 The Third Wife (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm
  • WADE HAYES - VIP Event at Stockyards Central (Rodeo Opry - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Kyle Earhart, Mallory Eagle, Rodeo Opry Band
  • Weekly Walkups: Find It Friday (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Weekly Walkups June 24 – August 9, Monday – Friday, 10am – Noon Children’s Garden Porch Drop-in activities; $2 suggested donation per child Come to the Children’s Garden for some fun activities that explore the world of plants. Groups of 10 or more please contact Lily Christman, at 405-445-5162, for more information about group…

Saturday, Aug 3rd

  • American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 10th Head to the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City for the exciting American Quarter Horse Youth Association World…
  • Back to School Boutique Blowout (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Refresh your wardrobe, home decor and accessories during the Back to School Boutique Blowout at the Oklahoma State Fair…
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • 😂 BT (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • 🎨 CatVideoFest (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Cat Video Fest Sponsored by Midtown Vets Caturday, August 3, 7-10pm The Devon Lawn FREE List of vendors & food trucks to come Cat photo contest to be announced #CatVidFestOKC CatVideoFest is a compilation reel of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music videos, and, of course,…
  • 🎨 Central Oklahoma Native American Art Sale (Cleveland County Fairgrounds - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 9:00am Dealers and artists will have historic and new Native American artworks available. Artwork includes Navajo rugs, old pawn silver, Choctaw baskets, Kiowa paintings, Guna molas, vintage Southwestern pottery, Native American dance shawls, Southern Plains German silver, Alaska Native dolls, rare Native art books, turquoise and coral jewelry, and…
  • Drip Irrigation Workshop (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Saturday, August 3, 10am The Garden Classroom Member $9; Nonmember $14 Nate Tschaenn, Director of Horticulture, Myriad Botanical Gardens Christina Chicoraske, Water Conservation Coordinator, City of Oklahoma City Utilities Register by Friday, August 2 REGISTER HERE If you are considering a drip irrigation system, this workshop is for you. Learn…
  • Yukon FFA IPRA Rodeo (Canadian County Cowboy Church - Yukon) Day 2 of 2 If you love rodeos and feel like having a fun, exciting time, head to Yukon for the Yukon FFA IPRA-sanctioned rodeo held at…
  • Internet Cat Video Fest OKC (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Each summer the Myriad Botanical Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City hosts the Internet Cat Video Festival. Inspired by…
  • KOMA Fan Jam (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎭 The Last Five Years (The Depot - Norman) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm Join us for Oklahoma Ensemble Theatre's inaugural production, The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown. An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show's unconventional structure consists of Cathy, the woman, telling her story backwards…
  • 🏆 OKC Energy FC vs. Tulsa Roughnecks FC (Taft Stadium - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Experience the excitement of major league soccer in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Energy Football Club takes on Tulsa…
  • Phutureprimitive 8.3.19 / Subsonix (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Prix de West Art Show & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Aug 5th The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host its prestigious Prix de West Art Show & Sale, showcasing…
  • Red Brick Nights (Oklahoma Ave & Wentz Ave - Guthrie) From May to September, look forward to Guthrie's monthly Red Brick Nights, the town's food truck and live…
  • 🎭 The Return of The Golden Girls (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm
  • R.K. Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma…
  • Tuttle Rodeo (Schrock Park - Tuttle) Day 2 of 2 Join the citizens of Tuttle for two evenings of rodeo thrills and excitement. This family-friendly event will include a…
  • 🍴 Rodeo Opry 42nd Anniversary Show & Auction Hosted by Owen Pickard (Rodeo Opry - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm $25 Admission $50 Admission plus VIP lounge access
    • VIP Lounge with wine, heavy hors d'oeuvres, & desserts *Call (405)297-9773 Mon-Fri 10AM-3PM for Member &/or Military discount
  • 🎓 Shoebox Gift Recipient from Cambodia Shares How Oklahoma City Is Changing Lives Overseas (First Baptist Church - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am For many years, Oklahoma City residents have been a part of the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas Child, which helps millions of children in need through gift-filled shoeboxes. Boun Thorne, who received a shoebox gift when she was 9 years old, is coming to Oklahoma City on Saturday, August 3, to share how this gift, just like those…
  • Support Art In Our Schools Exhibition and Supply Drive (Paseo - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 6:00pm

Sunday, Aug 4th

  • American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 10th Head to the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City for the exciting American Quarter Horse Youth Association World…
  • Back to School Boutique Blowout (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Refresh your wardrobe, home decor and accessories during the Back to School Boutique Blowout at the Oklahoma State Fair…
  • Oklahoma Victory Dolls Bout (Star Skate - Norman) Catch the buzz as the Oklahoma Victory Dolls put on an electrifying dance of athleticism and grace when jammers and blockers…
  • Prix de West Art Show & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host its prestigious Prix de West Art Show & Sale, showcasing…
  • R.K. Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma…
  • Sunday Twilight Concert Series (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Bring a lawn chair, a picnic and the whole family to the Sunday Twilight Concert Series on the Myriad Botanical…

Monday, Aug 5th

  • American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 10th Head to the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City for the exciting American Quarter Horse Youth Association World…
  • Prix de West Art Show & Sale (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum will host its prestigious Prix de West Art Show & Sale, showcasing…

Tuesday, Aug 6th

  • 21 Savage (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Aug 10th Head to the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City for the exciting American Quarter Horse Youth Association World…
  • 😂 Dry Bar Comedy Tour (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City)
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each and…

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CITY OF DREAMS MANILA SETS THE GOLD STANDARD IN SAFETY AND HYGIENE As we set the bar higher for sanitation and hygiene in every part of our operation, we safeguard your health and safety while you enjoy your stay with us at City of Dreams . CONDITIONS OF ENTRY Please follow our guidelines to ensure a safe & memorable stay. Guests are required to wear face masks and face shields at all times ... Resorts World Manila: The Best Casino in Manila - See 837 traveler reviews, 306 candid photos, and great deals for Pasay, Philippines, at Tripadvisor. These are the best places for groups seeking casinos & gambling in Metro Manila: Solaire Resort and Casino; City of Dreams Manila; Resorts World Manila; See more casinos & gambling for groups in Metro Manila on Tripadvisor Best Casino Hotels in Manila, Philippines on Tripadvisor: Find 6,146 traveller reviews, 4,550 candid photos, and prices for 11 casino hotels in Manila, Philippines. What's Manila Like for Casino Hotels? Do you want to try your hand at casino games while visiting Manila? Whether you like to roll dice or spin a roulette wheel, has 154 Manila hotels with casinos for you to choose from. When you're done playing, you might want to head out for a tour around this cultural city. Visitors to Manila love the shopping and restaurants. Discover local ... Formerly known as Solaire Manila, Solaire Resort and Casino was Entertainment City’s first-ever resort casino that opened in March 2013. Owned by Bloomberry Resorts Corporation, the complex currently covers 8.3 hectares of land and cost a total of $1.2 billion to build. It also holds the distinction of being the Manila Bay area’s tallest hotel, with a total height of 198 feet. In terms of ... Best Casino Hotels in Manila on Tripadvisor: Find 5,588 traveller reviews, 4,010 candid photos, and prices for 10 casino hotels in Manila, Philippines. The population is estimated at 98 million and its capital is Manila. There are over twenty casinos in the Filipino territory. They can be found in Manila, Pampanga, Angeles city or Davao. For example: Davao's Filipino casino features 206 slot machines and 17 gaming tables of Baccarat, Pontoon, PaiGow, Super 6 and Roulette. A casino in Manila like Okada, Solaire or near Manila Hotel is your best bet if you want to play face-to-face with a casino dealer. The great thing about a casino in Manila is that it gives you an opportunity to play directly with other like-minded enthusiasts and socialize. Most casinos are situated in hotels and near top restaurants thus promoting complete entertainment. Manila Casinos Ready to Reopen When Given Greenlight by President Rodrigo Duterte. Posted on: May 28, 2020, 02:39h. Last updated on: May 28, 2020, 03:04h.

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