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Casino heist floorplan

Does anyone have or know where to find the floor plans for the inside of the new casino interiors Ideally every floor or at least just the vault and ground levels Cheers
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[Facebook][2005] A Deleted Facebook Classic

Platform(s): Facebook (only on computer)
Genre: A game about making friends and creating a home
Estimated year of release: 2005ish
Graphics/art style: Cartoonish and big heads
Notable characters: Most characters would wear slotted shades and angel/devil wings on their backs to show they were rich in the game
Notable gameplay mechanics: All houses were setup in a fixed camera position where the room is viewed from above at a 45° angle, almost making the room look like a diamond if you rotate it around the X axis (that was boring information)
Other details: The game I am thinking of has been removed from Facebook for maany years now. It was around during Farmville's peak days on Facebook. You were able to create rooms like movie theaters, casino rooms, etc. by placing objects on a grid of your floorplan. The game would only show one room at a time if I remember correctly and there were no exteriors to the home or any other floors (second, basement, etc.). It was more of a kid's/teenager's game than an adult's game.
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Working on plot for DRRP KG

I've participated in a few DRRPs (Danganronpa RPs/Roleplays), and wanted to start making my own! I've got a basic floorplan for the setting (A rich Casino hotel), and generally how all the participants would've gotten there (since they'll all be between the ages of 18-25, they were asked to come to come enjoy a week at a festival as a class reunion, how fun! It's basic, but everything right now is pretty shaky)- but no plot, unfortunately.
Been banging my head against walls for the past week trying to think of some kind of original plot- but nada. Does anyone have any plot ideas? Tips? Tricks? Any sort of advice is greatly appreciated!
(A plot I have, after a week of brain abuse, is someone was jealous of the power and fame of the Ultimates- and wanted to take it for themselves. Broadcasting their deaths and their own hand in it would get them their own sort of "fame".)
Any scrap of anything is welcome and graciously thanked for!!
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The Diamond Casino & Resort: Los Santos - Grand Opening Megathread

GTA Online's brand new Diamond Casino & Resort will be available July 23rd.

News & Information Directly from Rockstar

- GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort (Trailer)

- The Diamond Casino & Resort Grand Opening - July 23rd (Newswire)

[Casino Trailer]
Experience Excellence. The Diamond Casino & Resort opens for your enjoyment in the heart of Los Santos this Tuesday, July 23rd.

Opening Soon

[Casino Image]
The massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard is nearing completion, radically changing the skyline of Los Santos forever. When the brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort opens its doors, one and all are welcome inside to play, or just to stay in the most luxurious residence in the entire state. More than just a place to let go of your inhibitions and your sense of the passage of time, The Diamond is the one-stop destination for quality entertainment, high-end living and a range of experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

The Casino

[Roulette Table Image]
If you're looking to dive into the action, the casino floor has a selection of activities to enjoy. Play against the house using Chips in Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Slot Machines with a variety of prizes are also at your fingertips, while Inside Track offers a lounge to watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds. Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even the new Truffade Thrax supercar that can be found whirling on the podium during opening week. And be sure to check back each week to see what new high-end vehicle can be won. Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.
Guests looking to push the limits of high-end resort fashion can also choose from the carefully curated rotation of new clothing and accessories in the Casino Store.

The Penthouse

[Penthouse Image]
Sitting atop The Diamond is an oasis of luxury for those shopping for a lavish pied-à-terre or just a feature-laden property in which to entertain friends. The Master Penthouse that sits beside the Roof Terrace with infinity pool and stunning views entitles the owner to VIP Membership status including access to VIP Lounges, High-Limit tables, plus a range of special services via the Penthouse phone including aircraft and limousine services and more. Renovate your residence with several upgradeable floorplans including a private Spa with a round-the-clock personal stylist, a Bar and Party area perfect for hosting raging Member Parties and featuring private retro arcade games, and a Media Room to enjoy games of Don’t Cross the Line and contemporary Vinewood cinema like Meltdown and The Loneliest Robot In Great Britain. As an owner, you can select the Penthouse’s color palette and patterns, and cement a place among the LS nouveau riche with a range of modern art from the Casino Store – from refined portraiture to pop art and daring modern sculpture – that can all be moved and placed around your property.
With a Master Penthouse you’ll also become a member of The Diamond family, and the family business needs your attention. Help property owner Tao Cheng and The Diamond staff protect their investment from the clutches of a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates in a series of all new co-operative missions. Each mission pays out special Awards for first-time completion and hosting the entire story thread will reward you with a highly coveted, brand-new vehicle free of charge. You can also pickup additional work and odd jobs to earn extra cash and chips with a quick phone call to the Diamond’s head of operations, Agatha Baker.

Twitch Prime

[Another Penthouse(?) Image]
As part of the Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime Benefits program, all GTA Online players who link their Social Club account with Twitch Prime and claim their Twitch Prime benefits by the end of day on July 19th will be able to purchase the Master Penthouse for free in the Diamond Casino & Resort, as well as receive GTA$1.25M and up to 15% extra GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards.
Visit Twitch Prime and sign up to receive these perks and more coming soon, and visit the Social Club Events page to keep up with all special events, bonuses, and more in GTA Online.

Stay Tuned

[New Supercar Image, presumably the Truffade Thrax]
Visit to see more details on what The Diamond has to offer, including Penthouse comforts, membership perks, and so much more.
We're also extending last week's bonuses through July 24th, so make the most of your time on the Stunt track – or contract as a Bodyguard/Associate on lucrative Business Battles, VIP Work, Sell Missions and more – and we'll see you at the grand opening.

Check out this website. Seriously. It's a real website and it will give you a fantastic "in-character" look at what the update will bring. This website is better designed and more attractive than some real businesses' websites, believe me.


[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Excellence

A Luxury Casino & Resort In The Heart Of Vinewood

You've heard the rumors. You want to believe them, and there's only one way to find out. Abandon your preconceptions. Let go of your inhibitions, your doubts, your sense of proportion, your credit rating. The rumors didn't begin to do it justice. Welcome to The Diamond. Grand Opening July 23.


[Imgur Mirror]

Casino and Resort Membership

The Diamond is everyone’s playground. Invest in a Standard Membership today and you’ll be a lifelong partner in our project to meaningfully raise the standard of living for the one percent.

VIP Membership

At The Diamond, there are members, and there are members. And if you want to be the latter, you’re only a penthouse key away from enjoying the kind of status that only systemic elitism can provide.
Experience Preeminence

Parking Garage

This is not merely a garage. It’s not merely a maximum security, subterranean storage unit. Think of it as an air-conditioned, custom-built, expertly curated museum, where our clients can admire each other’s collections in peace and comfort.
Experience Accidents


Step out of our front door, right into your front seat: our valets are available 24/7, and are trained to never to look in the trunk, never to open the glove compartment, and never to ask questions.
Experience Incontinence

Champagne Service

Our client code of conduct states that if any member is seen ordering a bottle of our finest champagne, spraying half of it over the most exclusive clientele in the state, and downing the rest straight from the bottle, our security teams are obliged to loudly applaud.
Experience Turbulence

Aircraft Concierge

Going up? Let our concierge service take care of all your pre-flight checks, so you can step right into the cockpit with the engine ready for takeoff.
Experience Maintenance

Cleaning Service

We recruit our housekeepers from the most respected crime scene cleanup teams in the state. There is no bodily fluid or potentially infectious material they can’t remove in the time it takes you to find an alibi.
Experience Convenience

Limousine Service

Leaving The Diamond can be a traumatic experience, but we know how to cushion the blow. Our resident guests can order a Diamond Limousine to take them almost anywhere in the state, free of charge.
Experience Irrelevance

Members Party

Why go to the party, when the party can come to you? If you’re one of our resident members, you only need to click your fingers and we’ll provide the drinks, the music, and the dozens of close personal friends.
Experience Flatulence

VIP Lounge

Available exclusively to our resident members, this is the inner sanctum of indulgence, the apex of affluence, the pinnacle of privilege, the high point of high society.
Experience Arrogance

High Limit Tables

Welcome to the grown-up table: resident guests are entitled to play in our high-limit suites.

The Penthouses

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Residence

The Penthouses

A penthouse at The Diamond is not just a palace. It’s your palace. If you want a private spa, you can have it. Home cinema? Consider it done. Your own personal bar, private arcade cabinets, and office space? Just say the word: Diamond.
Experience Prominence

Master Bedroom

Silk sheets, fresh air bottled on the summit of Mount Chiliad, and round the clock access to the greatest roof terrace in Los Santos.
Experience Adolescence

Spare Bedroom

We all have that one friend. With a spare bedroom, they’ll have somewhere to crash that isn’t your bidet, and with access to their personal wardrobe they won’t have to keep borrowing your clothes.
Experience Fragrance

Spa Room

Your private spa comes with a round-the-clock personal stylist and a hot tub infused with extract of jojoba and a dissociative anesthetic.
Experience Interpretive Dance

Bar & Party Area

Why go to a night club, when a night club can come to you? The most exclusive venue in town is the one where you’re in charge of the guest list.
Experience Incompetence

Arcade Games

Time to dig out the high-waisted jeans and the fluorescent headband: Diamond Casinos have the exclusive rights to classic arcade games Invade and Persuade II and Street Crime: Gang Wars Edition.
Experience Correspondence


Sometimes you need to take care of your affairs, but there’s no reason you should have to leave the lap of luxury to do it. All of our offices come with a gun locker and a hidden safe as standard.

The Casino

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Affluence

The Casino

Here, your dreams are reality, and your reality is a dream. Here, every whim can be satisfied, every fantasy fulfilled – no impulse control, no windows, no clocks, and no clearly labelled exits. Welcome to the Diamond standard.
Experience Eminence

Table Games

Don't be fooled. Roulette, blackjack, poker - at The Diamond, these aren't games. Every card dealt, every spin of the wheel, every polished quip, every gasp of the crowd, every delusion of grandeur: this is art.
Experience Overconfidence

Slot Machines

Here at The Diamond, we understand the fine art of the slot machine. We recognize the split-second reflexes, the years of research and training, the rock-solid intuition and the towering IQ that make a true master. That’s right. We’ve been waiting for you.
Experience Subservience

Inside Track

Horse racing is the sport of kings, and Inside Track is the only way to experience it – the drama, the majesty, the excitement, the perfectly simulated aroma of freshly cut turf and hot manure - all without leaving the comfort of a bespoke, air-conditioned suite.
Experience Tumescence

Lucky Wheel

Some people say that fortune favors the brave. Here at The Diamond, we’d rather say that destiny favors those with a full membership. Spin the wheel once a day, and you’re guaranteed a massive dose of self-importance every time.

Casino Store

[Imgur Mirror]
Experience Incontinence

Casino Store

Exclusive fashion. Unique designer artwork. There are some things in life that money can’t buy. But don’t fret. Our in-house store offers a rotating selection of tastefully curated items that can be purchased with Chips.



  • The newly renovated casino is located at the racetrack in east Vinewood Hills, by the highway. It is owned by Tao Cheng.
  • Brucie is making a return as a character in this update
  • In the casino you can play a number of games, including:
    • Three Card Poker
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
    • Slot Machines
    • Retro Arcade Games (?)
  • There is a wheel you can spin once per day in order to earn prizes like RP, GTA$, discounts, clothing, and even high-end vehicles.
  • There is a horse-racing and betting component, although it is unclear if it is only simulated and interacted with via the "Inside Track" room of the casino, or if the horse racing actually takes place in the game world, instanced or not.
  • The casino has a penthouse/residential component to it. Owners of the Master Penthouse can upgrade their residence with a private spa, a bar and party area, and a media room. Residents will also be able to spend chips on art and collectibles at the Casino Store which can be used to decorate the penthouse.
  • As a penthouse resident, you will get access to the business aspect of the casino, requiring you to work with Cheng to prevent a rich Texan family from taking over the casino. In addition to this storyline, you can do side jobs for the casino to earn GTA$ and chips.
  • The casino has a store that accepts chips as payment. You can use the chips to buy collectibles and decorations for your penthouse as well as clothing and accessories.

If you think I should add something to the summary, please let me know in the comments.

Also, if there is any other detailed information I can include elsewhere, I'd love to hear it. Particularly in analyzing the videos and screenshots and identifying new cars, etc.

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Casino Heist Session

Apologies in advance if this isn't that good, this is my first time using Reddit. Just a heads up, this is gonna be a bit long.

>Be me, forever DM
>Be not me, party consisting of a dwarf barbarian (Rorik), tabaxi wild magic sorcerer ("John"), black dragonborn rogue (Torrinn), human artificer with a giant eagle robot companion (Jesper), and a one-eyed halfing warlock (Lilith)
>Campaign revolves around tracking down a bunch of faerie dragons that were separated with the original one offering them riches beyond their wildest dreams if the party can reunite the dragons
>Long story short, they got a list of names for everyone who bought the faerie dragons, and were looking around a city for one of the buyers, which led them to the Draqkin Den, a casino with the name of one of the dragon buyers on it
>Players explore it for a bit before reaching dead ends, end up getting a bit frustrated
>"John" decides to check up on an old acquaintance for help, Bhaxan, a copper dragonborn bookie/fence
>Bhaxan was hesitant at first, since the thief group "John" was a part of had gone crazy, but ended up deciding to help the party
>Gets them info they ask for, like number of guards, exits, floorplans, etc.
>No vault or anything on any of the floorplans for the place
>Party decides that their best bet is getting to the fifth floor of the casino, which is the residence of Mishann Draqkin, the blue dragonborn owner of the casino (she's in the pic included)
>Overall plan is to go in two groups
>Group A consisted of Rorik and Jesper pretending to be repairmen and going right through the front door
>Group B consisted of Torrinn, Lilith, and "John" going through the sewers into the basement and working their way up disguised as staff
>Starting with Group B, they successfully got through the grates of a sewer into the wine cellar, and used prestidigitation to get rid of the smell. Players proceeded to swipe some loose booze before making their way into the kitchen
>Group A got through the front door, after using some phony papers to convince the halfling up front that they were legit, who ended up giving them a legit paper that let them into staff areas to work on repairing the dumbwaiters
>They make their way to the kitchen with Group B. Jesper uses some spells to make it seem like the dumbwaiter breaks down, begins to work on repairing it and orders Rorik to go put up "Do Not Use" signs on the dumbwaiter on other floors, so their plan won't get interrupted
>Eventually they find a part of the dumbwaiter in a slot machine repair room that only had a sleeping worker in it, so they could use that room without getting bothered
>Jesper and Torrinn load "John" and Lilith into the dumbwaiter and make their way to the third floor, where the slot repair room is. On the way there Torrinn gets sidetracked with having to briefly bring out some drinks so he seems like a legit staff member
>Once everyone was in the repair room, they worked on figuring out which dumbwaiter goes straight to the fifth floor, and got Lilith and "John" loaded in that one
>Sleeping worker woke up briefly, but "John" casted Sleep before he could do anything, and the worker went back to sleep instantly
>Sent the dumbwaiter up, with Torrinn squeezing his way into the shaft and climbing up, with pretty much no problem
>Jesper and Rorik make their way up to the fourth floor where they failed to talk the guards into letting them up to the fifth floor. Guards told them to talk with Draqkin, or her goliath bodyguard, to see if they can get up
>They go with the goliath, Tavith Katho-Mavone. Going up to him, Rorik notices a Silver Basilisk pendant hanging around Tavith's neck. This is the symbol of the thieves group "John" was a part of, which had changed to a group of assassins. In and out of character people are going wide-eyed
>Tavith says he can't let them up, but he'll go with them to Draqkin to see if she'll let them
>Players wait for a few minutes in game as Draqkin finishes presenting some of the high-rollers of the casino with a new drug she's showing off, in a bunch of hookahs
>when she finishes, players give their usual speech about being repairmen that's gotten this far
>Draqkin's suspicious about missing info like who exactly contacted them for repairs, and rolls insight
>Players manage to talk her down before she kicks them out, and she decides to allow the players up, as long as they're accompanied by Tavith, who's ordered to kill them if anything fishy happens
>While all this was happening, Group B was poking around Draqkin's room, which kinda looked like an art exhibition with all the expensive stuff she had lying around
>Naturally, the players had been looting the place to hell and tearing it apart looking for where the vault would be
>All they found was some notes written in shorthand and a trapdoor behind Draqkin's desk
>One of them rolls high enough to hear the pounding of feet coming up the stairs to Draqkin's room and have a few seconds to react
>"John" hides behind the desk, Torrinn in the shaft of the dumbwaiter, and Lilith in the dumbwaiter
>Jesper, Rorik, and Tavith come up to Draqkin's quarters, and see the mess everyone made
>Tavith instantly loosens the collar of his suit and pulls out a greatsword from his back, and Jesper loudly whistles and runs towards the window, before getting grappled and pulled back by Tavith
>Garfunkel, Jesper's giant eagle mentioned earlier, smashes through the giant stained glass window lining the wall of Draqkin's residence, and all hell begins to break loose
>Jesper throws a device on Rorik's back, and tells him to book it for the window, while he and Garfunkel try to fight off Tavith just enough for them to escape
>Torrinn and "John" consider joining the fray and helping their friends while Lilith is getting wasted on stolen booze in the dumbwaiter
>Rorik jumps out the window and begins to slowly fall to the ground, since the device Jesper threw on him was his version of casting feather fall
>As Jesper was about to escape on Garfunkel, literally right about to get to the window, Tavith slays Garfunkel, who falls and collides against the stone base below the window, with Jesper thankfully not falling out
>Before Tavith can do the same to Jesper, "John" yells out to him and attacks him with a spell, and also goes wild magic which ends up causing a wall of fire to burst out around "John"
>Tavith goes completely expressionless on realizing it's "John," and goes after him, managing to get through the wall of fire without taking any damage, and fairly quickly bringing "John" down to 5hp
>Torrinn tries helping a few times but ends up rolling really bad in combat for some reason, after rolling great on everything else
>Rorik makes it to the street where a guard yells for him to stop, since some people were looking up at the commotion and saw him floating down
>Rorik asks the original blue faerie dragon for some help with a distraction or something
>Faerie dragon decides this means to use its illusions to make it appear as an adult blue dragon suddenly, in the middle of a crowded street, during the festival the party decided to use as cover for the heist
>Everyone goes still for a second, and then the other faerie dragon they rescued shows up and does the same to be an adult green dragon
>Instant chaos in the streets, everyone is running for their lives
>Jesper managed to repair Garfunkel by now and is flying away on him when he sees the two dragons appear in the street, and he just keeps flying
>Torrinn uses a grappling hook he had gotten from a previous session to jump out the window and make his way to the street before running off in the chaos as well
>Lilith, now fairly drunk in the dumbwaiter, gets trapped in it when it's called down to the kitchen, where everyone is confused as to why there's a drunk halfling in the dumbwaiter
>She uses some spells to make a small kitchen fire seem like it's much worse, and puts the sound of cannonfire to it as well, so now the kitchen is in absolute chaos
>Lilith escapes into the sewers from the wine cellar she used to first get into the casino
>All that's left is "John," who's noticing arcane symbols behind a painting that's been burning from his wall of fire
>No other options, he turns invisible, runs and touches it, and gets teleported into the casino's vault
>No signs of faerie dragons, which were the reason the party even did this in the first place
>There is loot though, and lots of it
>"John" stuffs tons of coins and valuable looking items into his bag of holding, before retreating after Tavith entered the vault and was throwing around powder in an attempt to find "John"
>"John" eventually makes his way out of the casino, where he sees an ancient silver dragon swooping down to confront the adult green and blue dragons in the street
>Since those ones were just illusions from two faerie dragons, they disappear, and "John" feels the weight of the invisible faerie dragons on his shoulder shortly after
>Session ended with everyone meeting up one by one on Jesper's porch, where they drank some of his homemade moonshine

Tl;dr: Party tries to rob a casino for some faerie dragons, plan goes smoothly until it doesn't, and the party caused absolute chaos.
Hope you enjoyed, might post more stories in the future
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E-F 1k-5k

e30classifieds e39 E3_2016 E3_2017 e46 E90 EA_FIFA EAAccess Eagle_Scouts EaglesGamesUpdate EaglesTrophyCase EANHLfranchise earbleach Early2000sjams EarlyBuddhism EarlyMusic earlymusicalnotation earlyphotography EarlyPKA EarlyWaking EarningOnline EarRape EarthFans earthgifs Earthmind earthoficeandfire earthporngonecuddly earthpornvids earthpornwallpaper Earthquakes earthship earwax EasonyesSneakers eastboundanddown eastenders EasternPhilosophy EasternSunRising easy_french Easy_German Easy_Ukulele Easycore easyfix EasyKetoRecipes easyrecipes Easyriders EasyTV eatenpistachios eating_disorders EatingInCommon EatShit eatwraps Eau_Claire EauxClaires eBaySellerAdvice ebaytreasures EbayWTF Eberron EBM Ebook ebooksforfree ecc ECEComponentExchange echo EchoArena echofox EchoLinkInfo EckhartTolle eckvanet eclipse eclipsephase ecoboostmustang EcoEvents Ecofeminism EcoFriendly EcoGlobalSurvival eCoinomic EcoInternet econbooks EcoNewsNetwork econhw economicCollapse economicdemocracy EconomicHistory economics2 EconomicTheory ecoreddit EcoStart EcouteCa ECR_Gaming ECR_Plus ECR_UK ecrpoker ECU ECU_Tuning ECW ECWWrestling ecycle EdAnonymousAdults EdBangerRecords EDCCW EDCLeaks EDCOrlando EDCTickets eddit Eddsworld ededdneddy edenchainio edencirclejerk EdensZero EDF EdgarAllanPoe edgarwrightdetails Edgeless EdgewaterRogersPark Edgic edgydarkdankmemes edgyedits edhrec EdiblePlants Edibles Edinburgh_University EditMyReddit editvsraw EDIY EDM_Producers edmemesclub edmontonsocialclub edmpacks edpsych edrums edstonehelper edsupport edubble educationalmemes edX EelMemes eero eff effectai effects Effexor Efficiency Efilism EFT_LFG egalitarian Egg eggdog EggInc eggs eGirlsUncensored egoraptor egyptology EgyptPics EHM eighthworldproblems eigo EILI5 eindhoven einfach_posten einsteinium EiOleLehti EiteDagerous ejuice_reviews EJuicePorn EkaterinaZueva Elantris elastic Elastigirl ElClasico_Livestream ElClasicoGame2018 Eldar ElderKings EldersScrollsOnline EldritchHorror eldritchmemes EleanorTomlinson elearning ElectionPolls Electra_Currency Electrical_Engineers electriccars electricdreams electricents electrician Electricity ElectricScooters ElectricSkateboards ElectricUnicycle electriczoo Electrify electro electroforming electrohiphop Electromagnetics Electronic electronica ElectronicaLounge electronicdancemusic electronicmagic electronics_robots ElectronicsSalvage electronjs ElectronMicroscopes electronmicroscopy Electropop Electrum Elektron elephant elephantgifs Elevators elex elfenlied elfontheshelf elgoonishshive eli5_programming ELI5Music ELI5news elianscript ELIHulk elimiddlemanagement ELINeanderthal ElinePowell ELINT eliomotors ElisabethGiolito elisalam Elisemains EliseTrouw EliteBountyHunters EliteDangerousPics EliteHudson EliteLavigny EliteMahon eliteoutfitters ElitePirates ElitePS EliteRacers EliteWings EliteWinters elixirtoken Elizabeth_Gillies Elizabeth_Ostrander elizabethbanks ElizabethHenstridge ElizabethHurley ElizabethRage ELIZADUSHKU ElizaTaylor elkaybattlestations ElkGrove elkhunting EllaFreya EllanaBryan Ellenpaohate elliegoulding EllieKemper elliottsmith elo Elon_Musk_is_God Elona Eloncity ElongatedPics elonmemes Eloping Eloquent ElSalvador elsword ElvesMTG Elvis Elyse Elysian_ELY Em_pathy email emailprivacy Embarrassing_Moments embeddedlinux Embellish embercoin emberjs emby EmbyShares EMC2 EmComm emcrit EMDR Emerald_Council emeraldcityfoodies EmeraldPS2 EmerCoin EmergencyManagement EmergencyRoom EmergencyVehicles emetophobia EmiliaClarkeBum emilybrowning EmilyDiDonato EmilyHBarry EmilyKinney EmilyOsment emilyrudd EmilyVanCamp Eminem_2 Emirafoods EmmaBlackery EmmaJones EmmaLayne Emmaleigh EmmanuelleChriqui EmmaOcchiuzzo EmmaRoberts EmmaRoseKenney EmmaWatsonsLegs emmyrossuminshameless Emo_Trap Emojerk Emoney Emory emoticons emotionalintelligence Empath EmperorLemon EmperorsChildren EmperorsNewMemes empirepowers EmpireTV empleos_AR employedbykohls employeesonly Employment EmploymentAssistance empyrion EMScapades EMScringePics 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The master penthouse twitch prime deal was deceptive

Rockstar made it seem as if redeeming the master penthouse deal with twitch prime would get you everything the penthouse was advertised as having (lounge, spa, bar, private tables, office, etc) but that's not how it works at all.
Instead, upon opening the penthouses section on the diamond casino website, you are shown a floorplan of the penthouse. You unlock access to the penthouse itself for free (which is nothing more than a fancy hotel room) but all the additions (which were never advertised as being optional upgrades) cost $5,105,000 (or $3,665,000 with a discount) which isn't even including the garage which adds 900k on top of that.
I'm not sure why I didnt expect this to be the case pre-launch but again Rockstar shows just how much they love pushing their shark cards (perhaps that's why we also got a 15% shark card discount with the twitch prime deal).
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How to get a bunch of unrelated ideas reviewed & funded "en masse"?

Looking for advice on streamlining the process of having someone (or a group of someones) judge a bunch of ideas (20 or so) on their potential merits. These ideas are mostly unrelated, in various industries, and are thus hard to combine into a cohesive single project.
For example: a DIY real estate listing app that would use the rangefinder and photo stitching to let a homeowner create not only a virtual tour but a floorplan / 3D model ... a social media platform with zero censorship (advanced filtering instead) and content cross-pollination with existing platforms and sites ... a "social gambling & entertainment" platform, sort of a Groupon + group-funding + competition thing for casino and resort experiences ... a business expert system that would harvest the best practices and create frameworks for launching and running a variety of enterprises ... a group-video-production platform that will also let viewers remix & add notes/overlays, while crediting the original creatos... etc.
Yes, I can write a business plan and set up a website for each one, but that seems like a waste of time if only 3-5 ideas will be selected.
If you were in a similar situation, how would you proceed?
submitted by tjonnyc999 to startups [link] [comments]

A Case of the Mondays

[WP] "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!" exclaims a coworker in horror. Within an instant you are surrounded by figures in hazmat suits...
“CBC?” I asked, reading off of the black logo emblazoned across his white hazmat suit. I’d seen enough zombie movies to know about the Centers for Disease Control. “Shouldn’t it be CDC?”
The man shook his head as he pulled me by the elbow toward the door of the break room. Karen’s coffee mug was still sitting on the counter letting off steam; they’d whisked her away first with shouts about how she was still at an infection risk. “No, that's a different agency.” He was shaking his head, but it was hard to see under his big helmet. “We're with the Center for Boredom Control.”
“Never heard of it,” I said.
“It’s new.” He spoke with the commanding bearing of a soldier. “President Trump established it as part of his jobs initiative, hoping to boost workplace productivity.”
“Oh.” Weird, but it’s not the absolute craziest thing he’s done. It didn't even make the list on the "Top Fifty Craziest Trump Laws" exhibit that I'd gone to see at the Smithsonian Museum, Resort, and Casino.
The man led me out back into the big room that we used as an office. It was called an “open floorplan” which really meant that our corporate headquarters were too cheap to build walls in this abandoned warehouse that they’d half renovated. But instead of the desks and ping-pong table that were normally there, a whole laboratory had sprouted up in its place in the time it took me to use the bathroom and then get a cup of coffee. Men in white lab coats with respirators over their faces tended to centrifuges and monitors and all sorts of other medical technology I didn’t recognize. My fellow employees were clustered in a fishtank of a room being studied by six doctors. “Where the hell did you guys come from?” I asked the man from the CBC.
“We’ve been monitoring this place for a while. With your work, it was only a matter of time before an outbreak of boredom happened.”
“Can’t argue with you there,” I sighed.
He led me through a zippered plastic door into another room. On a stool across the room was another doctor with a clipboard. Through the plastic, I could see my boss watching with concern.
“I’m just going to ask a few questions,” the doctor said in the soothing tone that they use with deranged mental patients. The guy in the hazmat suit brought me a hard metal chair to sit on. “Try to answer as best you can, OK? We need to know if this is a true case of the Mondays, and not just a hangover or something like that.”
I nodded.
“All right. First: how many cups of coffee have you had today?”
I thought back. One when I first got out of bed. Another on my morning commute. About half of one that I’d spilled at my desk because my whole body twitched just when I was about to fall asleep on my keyboard. I’d been going for a refill when these guys busted in. “Two and a half, I guess,” I answered.
The doctor nodded and scribbled on his clipboard. “Very good. And how much time have you spent on Reddit so far this morning?”
I glanced at my boss. “I mean…. I don’t know… Not too much.”
The doctor glared at me. “I told you that we need your honest answers here, OK? The Mondays are very serious.”
I glanced at my boss again, then down at my feet. “About two hours,” I answered softly. Given that I’d gotten to work at 9 and it was now 11, I’m sure my boss could figure out what that meant.
“Ok… and were you reading something intellectually stimulating? /Science, or /AskHistorians, perhaps?”
“I… errr… yeah, a bit,” I said. I mean, I’d checked the front page, and I’d read over the headlines… that counted, right?”
“Uh huh.” He didn’t believe me, of course. “And what about /Writingprompts? How much time have you spent there exactly?”
“Well… that… I mean, how exactly do you define ‘spent there.’ Do you mean writing an actual story, because if that…”
“Please answer the question,” the doctor asked in a sharp tone, pen at the ready.
“All of it, OK?” I answered a bit more loudly than I’d intended. “I spent all of my time there. I wrote on three prompts and then deleted my answers just before posting them because I got too self conscious. And then I posted a prompt about how you travel back in time to kill Hitler but then when you get there there is a mysterious number floating over his head, OK? Is that what you want to hear? And then I ended up writing a story about violent aliens invading and then the twist at the end was that the aliens were humans, all right?”
“Twist… was… humans…” the doctor finished writing on his little clipboard. “All right. I think that’s all we need to hear. You don’t have a case of the Mondays; you’re just lazy.” He pulled out a walkie talkie and clicked the transmit button. “False alarm, everyone. Just another unmotivated worker.”
They packed up the quarantine setup just as quickly as it had appeared. Within minutes I was just left standing at my desk with my coworkers and boss all staring at me in silence.
“Really?” my boss finally said. “A time traveling Hitler prompt? Really?”
Want to help pay for cup of coffee #4? Sign up on Patreon now!
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CES 2018

MicroVision appears to have three booth locations this year at the Westgate Hospitality Suites
I tried to find who was in Suite 570, if it even exists, no luck so far.
MicroVision, Inc. Booth Locations: Westgate, Hospitality - Westgate Hospitality Suites, Westgate, Hospitality - Suite 569 Westgate, Hospitality - Suite 571
From the moment you walk in the door, you'll be surrounded by luxury and comfort. Stretch out and unwind in our exquisitely decorated Luxury One-Bedroom Suite, which features spectacular views of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip or Las Vegas Country Club, whirlpool baths, separate parlors, flat-screen TVs, built-in desks with ergonomic chairs, and wet bars. You'll feel like a true Las Vegas celebrity when you stay in one of these high-level suites.
Why you'll love it
Stretch out and unwind in the exquisitely decorated Luxury One-Bedroom Suite, which features astonishing spaciousness and spectacular views, and provides everything to help you relax after a fun-filled day exploring Las Vegas such as a wet bar and flat-screen cable TV with pay-per-view movies.
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My [27F] dad and stepmom [55M/58F] won't kick my step-aunt and uncle [44M/42F] out of their house, and they're making my dad more unpleasant to be around.

My dad and stepmom own a relatively small 3-bed, 2-bath house. There are probably less than 1,100 square feet in the whole floorplan. My stepmom is the oldest of 10 kids (common in a Catholic, midwestern family), and her youngest sister and her husband moved from New Jersey to our town to be closer to her huge family. They arrived with no jobs but with the intent of getting some. So in the meantime, between finding a job and apartment, they asked to stay with my stepmom and my dad to "get on their feet." I'm sure you know where this is going. That was eight years ago. They're still there. I'll henceforth refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Lump.
Not necessarily related to this situation, but maybe worth mentioning, I moved in with my dad to be closer to college. I was 18/19 at the time. I was constantly scolded by my stepmom (the kind of person who vacuums every day) that I was too messy - in reality, I'd maybe occasionally forget a water glass somewhere around the house, and I didn't make my bed regularly, but that's about it. One day, I came home and my things were packed and I was told to move out. My now-husband - a level-headed, devil's-advocate type person - was livid at her overreaction. My dad did nothing to stop her, and I moved in with my mom.
Conveniently, a month later, the Lumps arrive and live in my bedroom. I've since forgiven my stepmom, although she never apologized. I realized I'd have to put up with her if I ever wanted to spend time with my (spineless) dad again.
Here are some facts about the Lumps:
That about sums up the Lumps - and my dad and stepmom both want them out. I consider them to be 50% guilty because they won't kick them out! I don't understand. Yes, this is my stepmom's sister, and shit's gonna get awkward, but they're miserable. They haven't spent any alone time together in a LONG time. The house is always noisy, and four large people in a small house isn't very comfortable.
What's the worst is that my dad and stepmom are coming across financial hardships (of their own doing). My dad pays $1000/month in car payments alone, can barely afford their mortgage, and my rich grandmother has been "helping out." She threatened to cut him off (she should have cut him off decades ago) if he doesn't kick them out, since they're part of the financial strain (Speaking of strain, another point my grandmother brought up was "that the Lumps are so overweight...think of all the wear and tear on the floor!")
I'm pregnant, due December 10. I said, "dad, there's an easy ultimatum. Tell them that you want them out before the baby arrives so you have ROOM to watch them when they come over." I also don't trust Mrs. Lump not to mishandle my baby.
But he STILL won't do anything about it. He makes empty threats when we talk about them, like "one day I'm going to be off my meds, and I'm gonna kick their fat asses into the street." Etc. But they're hollow threats.
TL;DR: My obnoxious step-aunt and uncle have been living with my dad and stepmom for the last 8 years without paying rent or contributing. They're also just annoying people who take up a lot of space and resources. My dad won't kick them out, and I'm wondering if it's my place to step in because I don't want my newborn baby in that environment.
Edit: My dad also has some pretty rough health problems, and I believe these people are causing him undue stress. He has a temper and he's been a bit more...unstable since they've been living with him. I don't like to see this taking a toll on his mental/physical wellbeing. I told my dad many times that all he has to do is have a living-room sitdown. One awkward get-it-out-there conversation is all it takes. But still he refuses. I see something broken, I want to fix it myself, but other than my dad's health (which I lose sleep over), is it really my place to step in?
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South Mississippi gay bars have found success by giving back to the community - Sun Herald

Since it seems every time I load it, it asks me to login now, I'm going to start quoting the articles completely and throw a link in at the bottom. Take that, paywall.
In South Mississippi, where Lynn Koval has seen five gay bars fail in the past decade, three such clubs have found success by becoming part of the community by giving back to it.
Imgur album of photos with this article
Koval and her sister, Lysa Broussard, own Just Us Lounge on Division Street in Biloxi and say it's more than just a gay bar.
For the past 13 Christmases, Just Us Lounge has adopted every South Mississippi Angel Tree child with HIV or AIDS.
"We buy them everything on their wish list," Koval said.
From donating turkeys to the Back Bay Mission in Biloxi to hosting benefit nights at the lounge, Koval and Broussard rarely ever use the word 'no' when asked to give back to the community.
On Sept. 18, Just Us hosted a benefit night for Walk for Down Syndrome. The money from the cover charge was donated to the organization. Broussard said the benefit will become an annual fundraiser.
"We are a viable resource, not just for the LGBT community but the entire community -- period," Koval said. "As long as we can meet overhead, our goal is to give back to our community."
Just Us has been open on Division Street since 1998. Broussard and Koval opened a separate bar, Sanctuary, in 1996. The two bars merged in 1999.
Just Us opened its doors to provide a safe social outing spot for the South Mississippi gay community, but Koval said she used to have a sign that welcomed both gay and straight patrons to the bar.
However, the bar has seen fierce opposition.
When Just Us first opened, Koval said she was greeted by three hanging nooses on the door one day when she arrived to open up. Koval said the bar was also protested by white supremacists.
"I told my staff that if a Molotov cocktail didn't come through our doors the first year, we would be open for 20 years-plus," Koval said.
Fourteen years later, Just Us still keeps its doors open to the entire community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
"We only close if a hurricane is coming and they knock on the door and make us leave," Broussard said.
Broussard and Koval agreed that all walks of life are represented at Just Us.
Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway spent a day at Just Us
for a benefit event, and military servicemen and women frequent the bar because it is close to Keesler Air Force Base.
"We get busy in the early morning hours because casino workers and service industry workers come in for a free shift drink," Koval said.
Broussard said that Just Us has been kept alive for so long because of the unique Coast community.
"The Coast is a melting pot," she said. "Our entire community is more accepting."
Koval said that she has seen many gay bars open and close their doors over the years, but she is committed to keeping Just Us open.
'Other' fun in Gulfport
Wednesday night bingo at The Other Bar in Gulfport isn't your grandmother's bingo. There are no markers, fanny packs or troll dolls, but instead beer bottle tops, cocktails and Jayda White, house drag queen and show manager.
White starts the night with a song performance and stand-up comedy set before she takes her seat to call out bingo markers.
"We're starting the night with B-9," White said on a recent Wednesday. "For the first round of Drag Bingo, you can get bingo anyway you can, whether it's horizontal, vertical or diagonal."
At bingo, there is no cover, and the cards are free.
"It's basically a two-hour drag show," said Ellis Pickle, manager at The Other Bar.
Pickle said prizes at bingo come from local businesses who support the gay community.
The Other Bar is on 25th Avenue near downtown Gulfport.
"There are no other gay bars in Gulfport," Pickle said. "The owners are straight, and we work hard to cater to the gay community."
The bar has an open-concept floorplan with a bar illuminated by bubbles that change colors. In the left-hand corner of the bar, there is a sitting area with leather couches, tables and a wall of framed photos of iconic figures who are gay or support the gay community. Dancers perform in an illuminated cage on Saturday nights.
Pickle said since he took over as manager nearly four months ago, business has been increasing.
"We're packing it out every single weekend," he said. "We have gay and straight clientele."
The Other Bar prides itself on offering a safe place to go out and have fun.
"We have an inviting atmosphere," Pickle said. "If you offer a safe, comfortable environment with great entertainment and great drinks, the people will come."
The Other Bar holds events or shows every day it is open.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are drink specials and on weekends, there are almost always drag shows.
Pickle said that the shows draw gay and straight people alike.
"It's all about the atmosphere," he said.
Veaux in the Vieux
Since February 2011, Club Veaux in the Vieux Marche in downtown Biloxi has had its doors open to serve the gay community. "We are primarily a gay bar, but certainly we cater to the straight community as well," said head bartender Suzie Moore.
Located less than two miles from Just Us, Moore said that business at the bars feed off each other.
"The idea for the bar was based on location," Moore said. "We share a lot of business with Just Us."
On Friday nights, Club Veaux offers a $10 cover charge with free draft beer and liquor from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Various happy hours and drink specials are offered nightly.
"Fridays are insane here," Moore said.
Moore said the bar will never close before 3 a.m. to cater to the late-shift crowd.
Moore said it's important for South Mississippi residents to support the three gay bars in the area.
"The Coast doesn't have much else to offer to the gay community other than what we bring," Moore said.
Club Veaux is planning to remodel over the next six to eight months to include a gaming area and new decor, but their doors will remain open.
(It's ok, I asked someone who works at the sun herald and he said they probably won't mind.)
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What rooms/areas to have in a large Teaching Hospital build? *spoilers*

I'm about to pick up this game on PC again after not really touching it since before any of the DLC or the Creation Kit came out, and once I've played through them (and probably before) I know I'm gonna want to spend a lot of time on settlement building, either ingame and/or in the GECK.
One of the things I've had the idea to do for a long time and really want to actually get around to doing is a large teaching hospital made out of primarily Institute, Vault and other hi-tech tilesets and assets, including usage of modders' resources.
I would fit this into canon by saying it was established by my player character after the events of the main plot, both as a tribute and memorial to his wife and son and as a way to combine the salvaged assets and knowledge of corrupt organizations like the Institute and Vault-Tech with the player character's old-world know-how and knack for getting things done in order to accomplish something that will bring a lasting benefit to the Commonwealth as a whole and keep paying it forward for generations.
In this capacity, it is one part in a larger, Minutemen-led infrastructure that my player character has resolved to bring to the Commonwealth in the months and years after his main adventures. It will include a casino and resort at the Slog for revenue, a full military facility at the Citadel and an air-dock station with the Minuteman Flagship "MMS Paul Revere", a corrections facility, a public library and media center, and probably a reworking and finishing of my previous Embassy to the BoS at Boston Airport and Abernathy Abbey builds I've posted here before.
So, I have dubbed it the Shaun and Nora Howard Memorial Teaching Hospital, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Est. 2289. I've known for awhile I want it to have 4 large towers, probably 5-6+ levels each, with covered walkways and bridges between them at a couple different levels, and a large sublevel that runs underneath at least part of every tower and includes a central security complex that has restricted accessways and checkpoints to and from each tower. I had been planning on putting it on Spectacle Island, but I might make it somewhere else instead, especially if I do it in the GECK - I would probably do it in a place that isn't a settlement already. And today, since I am going to be done with Deus Ex: MD soon and can dive back into F4, I started thinking about it logistically.
Specifically, today I started making a list of individual rooms/areas to include in each section of the building, as well as parts of the surrounding grounds. I would like to have assistance from anyone patient enough to be still reading this (thank you!) in fleshing out this list completely, from a real-world, logistical standpoint. So, here is what I have so far, and please feel free to suggest things to add to it and suggest changes that you think may be appropriate to make, i.e. a room that might be better suited to a different tower. Feel free even to inquire about or suggest more detailed aspects of floorplanning and room placement, including clarification of what I plan to do with specific rooms. Anyway, here is what I have so far:
Rooms to include:
Atrium Tower
Help Desk
Gift Shop
Food Court
Public Restrooms
Campus Tower
Resident Quarters
Lavatories/Communal Showers
Requisitions Office
Non-Medical, Non-Administrative Staff Housing
Hospital Tower
Waiting Room
Exam Rooms
Imaging and Diagnostics
Emergency Room
Operating Theatre
Intensive Care
Maternity Ward
Dental Ward
Psychology Ward
Inpatient Family Housing
Inpatient Day Room
Patient Records
Onstaff Break Room
Tenured Resident Offices
Administrative Tower
Archives and Operational Records
Offices (Accounting, HR, IT, Acquisitions, Managerial, et al)
Administrative Staff Condos
Chiefs of Staff Offices and Private Quarters
Director Office and Quarters
Power Room
Server Room
Security Complex
..Security Front Desk
..Security Offices
..Staff Bullpen
..Detention Center
..Evidence Lockup
..Secure Records Room
..Guard Bunkroom
..Administrative Sub-sublevel
....Research and Development
....Experimental Procedures
....Insane Asylum
....Unprivileged Belligerants Detention
Outdoor areas of cafe, restaurant and commissary
Covered bridges and walkways in between towers
Helipad on ground level in back and on top of a tower
Track and Field
Athletics Courts (Basketball, Tennis, et al)
Tenured Resident Villa
..Individual Bungalows
..Rec Room/Lodge
..Jogging trail
..Boathouse and Pier
tl;dr: Read the list of rooms to include. Thinking from a real-world logistical and architectural standpoint, help me fill the list out with rooms, areas and sections that would be appropriate for a large Teaching Hospital facility and campus to have.
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Royal Princess Interior Cabin R722 - YouTube 2747 Paradise Road Unit 3504, a Luxury Penthouse at ... Main floor plan of New York - New York casino, Las Vegas - YouTube casino design psychology - YouTube Casino Floor at New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las ... WYNN PALACE MACAU WALKING TOUR (ULTRA HD 4K) - YouTube

Winstar Casino Floor Plan Lovely Winstar Floor Plan 28 Images Winstar Casino Floor Plan New with Casino Licence Up for Grabs In. winstar casino management WinStar Concerts Seating Guide for the Oklahoma Casino Vivid Seats.Meeting and event floor plans for banquets, weddings, trade shows and more—see the Event Center, Woodland Dreams Ballroom and Hotel meeting rooms in 3D.Rivers Casino ... In the 1970s, slots earned about 40 percent of casino floor revenues. Today that’s up to 71 percent, and gamers bred on iPhone games continue to vastly prefer playing machines (including video poker and blackjack) over traditional table games – even though the odds aren’t as good. In most casinos, slots now outnumber table games by well over 10 to 1. Read more about Casino Odds. The ... This is where we store the latest Las Vegas Casino Property Maps and Floor Plans. The Casino/Hotels in Vegas are so large it can be difficult to find a certain restaurant or even elevators for a certain tower. We will keep these maps updated, because as you probably know, the Vegas casinos are always changing things around and evolving. We will be checking the latest casino layout updates ... 20-03-2018 - Image result for interesting casino floorplans Our event spaces are true masters of transformation and perfect for every event. More here. Answer 11 of 17: Hi, coming to Vegas in Feb '14 for my 3rd trip. Last time before we went during my research and planning I found a thread here where someone posted a link to a website with floorplans of (just about) every casino on the strip. Unfortunately my... Answer 1 of 17: Hi, coming to Vegas in Feb '14 for my 3rd trip. Last time before we went during my research and planning I found a thread here where someone posted a link to a website with floorplans of (just about) every casino on the strip. Unfortunately my... Create 3d Floor Plans Floor Plan Ideas from harrah's cherokee casino floor plan, source: Hope the suggestions to design a deck you are going to be handy to renovate your house. If your property is small then an extra bedroom may be beneficial and useful. Massive Master Bedroom Luxury houses for sale in San Rafael generally ... Casino Floor Plans Dwg 50x wagering (% game weightings apply), play Casino Floor Plans Dwg restrictions apply. Max bonus bet of £5, 15 days to accept & 30 days to complete wagering. Deposited funds Casino Floor Plans Dwg locked to casino platform until wagering met. Your own deposited funds can be withdrawn at any time. Real money funds used ...

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Royal Princess Interior Cabin R722 - YouTube

Welcome to our newest luxury real estate listing, Upper Penthouse Unit 3504 in Building Three of Turnberry Place in Fabulous Las Vegas! Enjoy a custom-design... Interior Cabin R722, on Deck 14 (Riviera Deck) on Royal Princess December 2016 #wynn #wynnmacau #wynnpalace #wynnhotel #wynnresort Welcome to our Wynn Palace Macau walking tour, which is shot in Ultra HD 4K quality. The outside of Wynn ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. INSIDE NEW YORK NEW YORK CASINO LAS VEGAS TO TROPICANA BLV - Duration: 14:05. J Cortez Traveler 965 views. 14:05. New York New York hotel, Las Vegas. Madison Ave. deluxe room. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Like every major hotel and resort on the Vegas Strip, New York-New York has a big casino area. It is pretty compact and mostly filled with slot machines, but...